Lacey Chabert
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Lacey Chabert Dishes on Hallmark Christmas Movies and a Possible 'Mean Girls' Sequel on 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon

Calling all Mean Girls stans and Hallmark Christmas movie obsessives in other words, everyone on planet Earth: Lacey Chabert brought some great tidings to her appearance on The Tonight Show, including a possible Mean Girls sequel and some massive Hallmark movie news. (Fans of The Wedding Veil trilogy better brace themselves.)

In a wide-ranging interview with host Jimmy Fallon, the actress revealed that she's more than willing to revisit her iconic role as Gretchen Wieners in the 2004 comedy classic, Mean Girls. And she's got an idea for a fetching sequel. "I think it would be so much fun to see where these women are now, and if their kids are the new mean girls," Chabert said. "I would love to know what they're doing. Let's do it." (Hear that, Tina Fey? Gretchen is in!) Writing up a petition for another Jingle Bell Rock scene now

Chabert never fully left the Mean Girls world behind. People approach her with Gretchen Wieners' enduring catchphrase, "That's so fetch," every day. Now that her co-star, Lindsay Lohan, has joined the Christmas movie club with her new Netflix film, Falling for Christmas, one can only hope these two will join forces. Mean Girls 2 plus a Lohan-Chabert Yuletide team-up? Fingers crossed. 

As for her reign as the queen of Hallmark Christmas, Chabert is not giving up her crown anytime soon. She's starred in 33 (!) Hallmark holiday films — and Fallon has watched all of them. The latest entry to her ever-expanding Christmas canon is a bit of a departure. Haul Out the Holly is Chabert's first Christmas comedy, and it premieres Nov. 26 on Hallmark. Mark your calendars. 

Filming a Hallmark movie is no easy feat. Chabert describes the process as "fast and furious." The movies are filmed over the course of 15 days, and they hit the airwaves as soon as two months after production wraps. (Chabert is truly the hero we need but don't deserve.)

Saving the best news for last, Chabert announced that The Wedding Veil trilogy, Hallmark's hit romance series that premiered its third film in February 2022, will return for three new installments. Co-stars Alison Sweeney (Days of Our Lives) and Autumn Reeser (The O.C.) will also reprise their roles as Chabert's friends from college in the new trilogy, currently filming in Greece. The first film premieres Jan. 7 on Hallmark. Now that's fetch.

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