Kristi Hoopes
Screengrab via YouTube

Watch Kristi Hoopes' Sassy Trisha Yearwood Cover on 'The Voice';v=avABBts4G0I


Kristi Hoopes turned three chairs on The Voice when she sang Trisha Yearwood's 2007 hit "Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love." The Colorado native matched Yearwood's earthy tone and soulful sass. And that impressed Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson.

With a crooning a cappella intro, the song is perfect for showcasing both voice and attitude, and that's exactly why Hudson liked her so much. "I just love your sass," Hudson says. "And you have a big voice, and I know a little bit about that too."

Adam Levine went all in on the passion in trying to get Hoopes on his team. Even before he turned his chair, Cyrus told him that she would help his cause. "Love you and your pants," Cyrus told Hoopes. "Adam — this is what he's been looking for. I'm sure when you walk through the door everyone has a little bit of an idea of what they want to do with you. Don't go with what you may have thought."

Obviously, she meant Shelton. He tried to use his country cred as reason for being the obvious choice. "I bet you, or you, or you have no idea who sang that song," Shelton chirped. "It doesn't matter," Levine hits back. "You don't know any song ever by anyone and you still get people on your team. It's the worst argument ever!"

Levine went so far as to call Shelton a cookie cutter artist (after Shelton suggested it) and that he's not "pure country." Still, Shelton mentioned his contacts and influence in the country world. And that's hard to pass up for contestants on The Voice.

But at the end of the day, Hoopes went with the obvious choice. "In my gut and my heart and soul, I need to pick Blake," she says. That completes Shelton's team for this season.