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Kelly Clarkson Faced Her Fear of Acting for a Cameo on ABC's 'The Rookie'


Kelly Clarkson is a dynamite vocalist, talk show host, and a coach on The Voice. She's done it all, and then some. With that in mind, you wouldn't think she'd be terrified of acting. Luckily, she faced her fears and brought us a fun guest role on the ABC police drama The Rookie, starring Nathan Fillion -- and she did a great job!

Since Clarkson isn't too keen on acting (starring in From Justin to Kelly might have that effect on you), it was a good thing she didn't have to pretend to be someone else when her episode of The Rookie aired. She knew she had to be a part of the show, however, because she was actually asked to be on as a favor to her. The Rookie's cast surprised Clarkson with an invitation to join them on set for her 40th birthday, and she filmed her cameo for the series at the same time.

Clarkson took fans behind the scenes during a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, where she chatted with Jenna Dewan about her experience filming with the cast. Previously, The Rookie stars came on The Kelly Clarkson Show and had extended their invitation for her to come aboard on the show there. Needless to say, she was thrilled.


"I certainly do not consider myself an actress at all, if you saw From Justin to Kelly," Clarkson told Dewan, adding "contractually obligated" about the film. "But when I got an offer for a walk-on role for Jenna's show The Rookie, I had to do it."

She explained her producers made sure to have cameras around because they knew she "was gonna fail," Clarkson joked. In the clip, she was shown getting to know some of the cast members, making her way around set, and enjoying herself. And when the time came to actually get her acting on, Clarkson passed with flying colors.

Could this be the beginning of Acting Kelly's return? Probably not, but Clarkson is far less of a "bad" actress than she gives herself credit for.


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