LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 04: (FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Kelly Clarkson (R) and Remington "Remy" Alexander attend the 66th GRAMMY Awards at Crypto.com Arena on February 04, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Bringing 7-Year-Old Son to the Grammys

Remy got to meet one of his favorite artists.

Kelly Clarkson had the cutest red carpet date last Sunday (Feb. 4) at the 2024 Grammy Awards. Her 7-year-old son Remington "Remy" Alexander joined his mom at the prestigious event, and he was no less stylish than any other celebrity in attendance.

In an Instagram reel posted the following day, Clarkson explained how Remy's big night out came to be.

"I had to take my kid out of like a day of school. So, it was kind of like, 'Oh, am I going to do this?' But he was very excited to, like, do the red carpet and go to the show and see the performers," Clarkson said in the video.

For the big occasion, kids' stylist Courtney Prince put together an outfit reflecting Remy's personality and special interests.

"My son felt like he was 'Aquaman' walking in there looking all fabulous and he had a little velvet suit, and [Prince] decorated his Timberland [boots]. She put studs on them," Clarkson added. "They look like little Valentino Timberlands. It was so cute and he had a little Lego boutonnière because she found that he liked Lego. I just, that was really cool and it was thoughtful."

Clarkson also praised red carpet photographers for being so accommodating for Remy.

"My son has a bit of sensory issues. So, I knew that it would be a little overwhelming for him and I warned him," she added. "The photographers on the carpet usually are just yelling out names just to get people to look at them. But they were so kind and I just wanted to give a shout out to them. That was so cool to ask him what his name was and like make him feel comfortable because it's a huge environment for a 7 year old."

Once inside Los Angles' Cryto.com Arena for the Grammys, Remy got to meet one of his favorite artists.

"Doja Cat, you were so nice. She was sitting right next to us, and my son is enamored with her. He loves her. He just thinks she's so cool and loves her music," Clarkson said. "I did tell her that he doesn't have the explicit version but, but he loves her music."

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