Kelly Clarkson and Ashton Kutcher
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Kelly Clarkson Had the Best Reaction to Ashton Kutcher Singing Her 'Magical Lullaby' to His Daughter

Actor Ashton Kutcher is no stranger to Kelly Clarkson's book River Rose and the Magical Lullaby. He reads it to his children every night, so he could tell you just about everything about it...except for what the lullaby actually sounds like.

Kutcher made a guest appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show with the embarrassing admission to Clarkson herself. Despite carving out time for his children every night using the book to get in some good reading time together, Kutcher has been making up what he thinks the lullaby should actually sound like the entire time.

"I have read it to my daughter maybe a hundred times," Kutcher admitted to Clarkson. "But there's a thing in this book that I'm very curious about that I have to understand. There's a song in it. I have never heard the song. So, I have my version of how the song goes but I just sing my version," Kutcher said while laughing.

Clarkson was kind enough to share how the lullaby should sound while Kutcher looked a little flustered. Clearly that's not how he had been singing the song to his children. He paused and then looked directly into the camera for a beat to apologize to his daughter Wyatt.

"Wyatt, I'm really sorry," he said, barely keeping a straight face. "I apologize. I've never sang you that version, and I never will." Clarkson was a good sport about it, agreeing that many readers probably just make up their own version of the song.

"There are no notes in here! These notes are floating around on here, there are no bars!" Kutcher laughed as he pointed to the music notes on the book's cover. Clarkson declared Kutcher's version good enough for a "merit badge" and told him he had done a "good job" anyway.

Now that there's an "official" version to listen to, however, anyone who's actually read the book now has something to refer back to. Parents, you're out of excuses!

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