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Keith Urban's McDonald's Breakfast Will Send Him To the Toilet ASAP

Much of celebrities' lives seem vastly different from our own, involving fancy Hollywood parties and red carpet outfits. However, one thing that we all have in common is that everyone likes to indulge from time to time, whether that involves making a pan of brownies or buying the cheesiest thing on the Taco Bell menu. Keith Urban is no exception when it comes to his go-to McDonald's order, but we're more than a little concerned about his choices.

Famous Orders

It turns out Keith Urban isn't the only celeb to have a penchant for fast food chain McDonald's. As we learned in a Super Bowl commercial in early 2020, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many celebrities have a classic McDonald's order for when they're on the go or feeling like a treat.

Along with Keith Urban, celebs like Cardi B, Patrick Mahomes, Whoopi Goldberg, J Balvin and Magic Johnson were included. The commercial begins with Kim Kardashian West, who loves a helping of Chicken McNuggets, cheeseburger, French Fries, apple pie and a milkshake. Next comes Kim K's hubby Kanye West, whose meal consists of Chicken McNuggets with BBQ sauce, French fries  and a shake with whipped cream.

Some celebs go for a more balanced meal for their go-to McDonald's order, like Millie Bobby Brown, the actress who plays Eleven in Stranger Things. Her meal is a salad and a side of Chicken nuggets.

The commercial also jokingly includes some made-up famous orders, from characters like Dracula to Romeo and Juliet. When it gets to Dracula, his go-to McDonald's meal is just a tray of ketchup.

However, the part of the commercial that caught our eye was Keith Urban's order. He reportedly loves the Mickey D breakfast, since his go-to McDonald's meal is an Egg McMuffin, a hash brown, and three cups of coffee.

Is It Worth It?

Then, he has a hot fudge sundae to top it off. Although we respect his bold mix of breakfast and dessert, we can't help but wonder how long he can hold off before running to the toilet after this hearty, coffee-filled meal. We can only hope it's worth it.