Katie King

The Best McDonald's Secret Menu Items To Order at the Drive-Thru

Just like at the regional chains of Whataburger and In-N-Out, our friends over at McDonald's now have their very own secret menu. For years, McDonald's "secret menu" has existed similar to other fast-food chains, like KFC, Burger King, and even Starbucks: They were created by customers. This means the stores don't know these menu items exist, and you can't simply ask for one by name. Rather, customers would need to build their creations themselves by ordering off the regular menu.

But as of Jan. 31, 2022, McDonald's decided to spill their secrets: For last five months, these 'hacked' menu items are now available to customers to order by name—even if they don't see it listed on the menu. Now, you can order the Crunchy Double or the Land, Air & Sea when you walk-up to the counter. However, they will still come individually wrapped, and you'll assemble the rest of your meal by hand. Sure, it's part in-joke and part craft project, but it's delicious all the same.


"From Hip-Hop icons to Christmas queens, everyone has a unique go-to McDonald's order, including our everyday customers. This campaign shows that it has never been 'our menu' — the menu belongs to our fans," said Jennifer Healan, Vice President, U.S. Marketing, Brand Content and Engagement for McDonald's USA. "We're excited to celebrate them in a bigger way than ever before by putting their delicious hacks - as seen on social media - on our menus. I personally can't wait for our fans to try my favorite hack, the Hash Brown McMuffin. IYKYK."

The Hash Brown McMuffin, the Crunchy Double and the Land, Air & Sea are available at participating restaurants nationwide via carry-out, at the Drive Thru, on the McDonald's App or through McDelivery while the Surf + Turf is available to order exclusively on the McDonald's App and via McDelivery.  

The Top Picks From The McDonald's Secret Menu

1. Hashbrown McMuffin

hashbrown mcmuffin

Katie King

Price: $2.59

The Hashbrown McMuffin is by far our pick of the menu. What's better than McDonald's breakfast, with it's delicious Sausage McMuffins and greasy hashbrowns? I'll tell you what's better: putting the two together. Why I hadn't thought of this before, I don't know why, but I'll never go back. Although it does make the sandwich a bit salty, a layer of ketchup on your hashbrown will cut right through that.

2. Crunchy Double

Crunchy Double

Katie King

Price: $5.98

The Crunch Double is our second pick off the McDonald's Secret Menu. With a base of barbecue-sauce covered chicken nuggets, the sweet flavor goes perfectly with the ketchup and mustard already atop the burger. Even with the chicken nuggets, it's very reasonable to eat, roughly the size of an Angus-style burger.

3. Surf + Turf

Surf and Turf

Katie King

Price: $7.28

The Surf + Turf was our least favorite sampler off the menu, and not just because you can only order it through the McDonald's app. Your favorite McDonald's flavors are brought together—the Double Cheeseburger with the Filet O' Fish—but the result is rather overpowering. Lastly, because the Double Cheeseburgers were melded together with cheese, putting the meal together was a bit more hands-on than I would have preferred.
For the rest on this list, you won't be able to order them by name—at least not for now. But you can still order the pieces individually and mix them up yourself!

5. Neapolitan Shake 

McDonald's Shake

(Photo by Gerald Matzka/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Price: $3.39

This one is a total game-changer in the summertime. Enjoy the flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry in this creamy and icy shake. To order this shake ask that all three flavors be added to the shake.

6. The Mc 10:35

mcbrunch burger

Lyndsay Cordell

Price: $5.08

You have a very short window of time to order this delicious sandwich. To make your own version of this brunch-inspired sandwich order an Egg McMuffin and a McDouble. Remove the beef patties from the McDouble and place them in the Egg Muffin. It's breakfast and lunch all in one meal.

7. The Apple Pie McFlurry

Lyndsay Cordell

It's like an apple pie a la mode in shake form. To order this sweet treat ask for a baked apple pie to be added to your McFlurry. Sometimes they will blend it in with your McFlurry or you'll have to crumble it up yourself and add it into the McFlurry yourself. Whichever way you do it, it's an ice cream treat for the senses.

10. McAffogato

Price: $2.79

Make your McDonald's run next level fancy by adding a shot of espresso to your soft serve vanilla ice cream. You're welcome!

11. Big McChicken

Price: $9.86

Who needs hamburger buns when you have chicken?! Order a regular Big Mac and three McChickens and replace the bread with the chicken patties. It's not the cheapest hack, but it sure is tasty!

12. Monster Mac

Price: $10.13

We left the biggest for last in today's list. Topped with eight (yes, eight) beef patties, this burger requires a knife and fork to eat. Order a Monster Mac or if the McDonald's employee has no idea what you are talking about, simply ask for an eight-patty Big Mac.