Katy Perry's Daughter, Daisy, Made An Adorable Cameo Appearance During 'American Idol'
Photo By ABC

Katy Perry's Daughter, Daisy, Made An Adorable Cameo Appearance During 'American Idol'

If you blinked, you probably missed it. As Katy Perry ignited the stage with her captivating Cinderella showing, the camera managed to briefly capture some familiar faces. For a fleeting moment, we were treated to the appearance of not just Daisy, Katy Perry's daughter, but also Perry's fiancé, Orlando Bloom! The two were all smiles, cheering on their real-life Disney Princess.

Seems that Daisy got the Disney Night memo! She's flying the Cinderella colors herself, and the sheer cuteness on display makes up for the show's dubious eliminations later in the night!

Daisy has even gotten into the spirit of acknowledging her mother's formal name.

How can one family be so endearing? Can you imagine your child calling you by your first and last name? And the surrounding tensions aren't volatile? Personally, it sounds like my child would be on track to be a CEO one day and pay their own bills. Which, admittedly, would be more than impressive before the age of 10.

Katy Perry's Daughter, Daisy, Making A Splash On 'American Idol'

Daisy proves that people don't need much to start taking notice of your actions.

Honestly, "Katy Perry" is more catchy than "Mama." If I had no frame of reference for who she is, I'd assume that "Katy Perry" was the stylish antagonist in an ill-fated Mean Girls sequel. What's that? ...There's a Mean Girls remake? ...Oh. Well, I'm going to pretend that doesn't exist!

Here's something that surely won't make you cry. I can promise you I didn't. Nope, definitely didn't tear up at all watching Katy Perry's elation as she heard Daisy's heartbeat for the first time. You can't prove it, either.

If social media was just people celebrating their children with delightful videos and pictures, the space would be a happier place. Instead, we have embittered journalists, unhinged content creators, and social media websites that would sooner platform hate and all the ills of society over wholesome, pleasant content.

But for a snapshot in time? We could pretend that X was a sane, joyful nexus to enjoy precious moments like these. Thanks, Katy Perry! Now, I'm going to argue with strangers on the internet about why Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler should finally kiss in Law and Order SVU.