'American Idol' Fans Are Not Happy With The Top Three Finalists After Shocking Eliminations
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'American Idol' Fans Are Not Happy With The Top Three Finalists After Shocking Eliminations

I'll come right out and say it: Triston Harper, if you ever read this, your time is coming. You were wholeheartedly, flagrantly, undeniably robbed. American Idol whittled down the number of contestants to the almighty Final Three.

It was Disney Night, and our (previous) five competitors had to belt out some tried-and-true Mickey Mouse classics. Most of you have already seen it, so I won't elongate things by recapping exact songs and who sang them. We have an injustice to discuss, after all. When eliminations came around, Abi Carter, Will Moseley, and Jack Blocker advanced, getting one step closer to American Idol domination. We lost Emmy Russell, who put up an admirable fight. But more tragically, we lost the Slamma from Alabama himself: Triston Harper. Nobody is happy about it.

"I also believe it is rigged and that Abby will win. She is a good singer but does not stand out in a crowd of singers to me. [(at)AmericanIdol]
when Tristan got on stage you knew it was going to be fun entertaining and upbeat! What a shame America?? He will be a big!" one X (formerly known as Twitter) user lamented.

"Ur the American idol winner in my eyes Triston Harper!!" another user confirms, acknowledging the highway robbery we witnessed.

'American Idol' Unjustly Snatched Triston Harper's Crown And People Are Rightfully Angry

Exactly! We're splitting hairs at this point, but come on, man. Yes, technically, Guardians of the Galaxy is a Disney joint in the loosest sense. But nobody was up there harmonizing "Duel of the Fates." Star Wars is technically a Disney property, too. Right, American Idol?

Tell them, Heather! It's billed as a "competitive show," but it's cases like this where I sometimes think about how these shows will certainly favor some contestants over others.

Unfortunately, nobody can spell TRISTON's name correctly, but the sentiment stands! Even the judges seemed utterly baffled!

Harper's rendition of "Almost There" from The Princess and the Frog was masterful. Simply magical — just like I believe Mickey Mouse himself would've wanted. Again, it's fine. I'm fine. We're fine. Mark my words, American Idol: you may have blocked Triston now, but you can't keep a talent like his buried forever.

You're Almost There, Triston.