Katy Perry Bares All With Bold Fashion Choice
Photo By Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images for Balenciaga

Katy Perry Bares All With Bold Fashion Choice

Full transparency: that was the most "PG" photo I could find of one of Katy Perry's Paris Fashion Week outfits. Don't get me wrong — it's an incredible look. Effective half-nakedness aside, I adore the fact that Perry could easily be mistaken for being on her way to shooting a new Matrix movie. Fortunately, I believe it'll be safe if I show y'all as "full" a picture of the attire as I can without being fired!

The all-caps "KATY PERRY" says everything necessary, to be honest. Oh, and Perry didn't stop there. We also got this eye-catching visual!

There's one more "notable" look Perry rocked that I can't quite show you! You know, for "bare skin" purposes. Social media loved, loved, loved all of what Perry had to offer them!

"Truly disgusting. Very poor example for young women. I always thought she was very religious at least that's what I remember hearing," one Instagram user decried! Oh, I'm sorry, did I say love? What I actually meant was "a bunch of chronically online geeks blowing a situation out of proportion!"

Katy Perry Dazzles Everyone During Paris Fashion Week

"All of sudden why everyone hating her when she is just about to start her new era dont do the thing which you did in 2017 are you guys afraid of her that she will reclaim her pop star throne again?" one X (formerly known as Twitter) user asked. ...You know, I'm only now realizing how disliked Perry is between Instagram and X.

I live in an "entertainment bubble" where I guess I only ever saw all the Positive Perry takes.

"C'mon back to Resorts World, Las Vegas Katy where you belong with all the other 'washed up' has beens," another X user comments. You know, a few months ago, John Cena presented an award fully naked. That was during a show broadcasted the world over. Yet, I don't remember there being too much vitriol thrown his way over that. (Not that I believe he should've received any, of course.)

What's the difference between John Cena and Katy Perry where people are okay with one showing some skin but not the other? Hmm... well, I guess we'll never know!