Rodeo Icon Spencer Wright’s 3-Year-Old Son Brain Dead After Driving Toy Tractor Into River
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Junior Rodeo Stars Honor Spencer Wright's Critically Injured Son Levi In Heartwarming Display

The Wright family may be going through a tough time, but they're not alone. The rodeo community has rallied around Spencer Wright and his family as they face something no parent ever wants to. Their son Levi is currently in critical condition after falling into a Utah river.

In a heartwarming display, several junior rodeo stars recently honored Levi and sent support to the family. They all wore blue in honor of the three-year-old. On Facebook, the Wright family shared the tribute.

They wrote, "We don't have words. Thank you so much. Saturday night at the Junior Roughstock World Finals (Desert Region Rodeo) the members of 406 Rodeo rode a little extra strong for Levi Wright. Each of the kids wore blue rode for Levi. They say this is the first rodeo of the entire season that each and everyone of the kids young rough stock riders had a little extra grit and try. (Pretty sure it had everything to do with the with the t-Rex ? Strength)."

In response to the video, several shared their support for the Wright family. One wrote, "This is making me want to be a part of this community. I'm about to buy a horse. My word. I see God all over this ??? This is beautiful." Another wrote, "I'm not a direct part of the rodeo community, but I have seen time and time again, the rodeo family step up in? times of need. It is so moving and always restores faith in humanity, in my eyes." Yet another wrote, "Wow what a blessing and the parents that or bringing them up to be great people ,god is with them all and Levi."

The Wright Family Give Update On Son

In an update, the family remains optimistic. Spencer Wright's wife Kallie shared that there's a lot of unknowns right now. She wrote, "This is an experience, I pray deep in my soul you never have to know the way I am beginning to. This is a roller coaster that you go on unwillingly & blindfolded, you do not know what's coming next. You just get to wait & ride it out. We are taking it day by day."
She continued, "The term 'Brain Injury' is very broad, there are ranges and different severities. No two brain injuries are alike, even if the accident is similar. No two brains recover or don't recover the same. There is a lot Medical Professionals don't know, but what they do tell you is based off legitimate medical literature & history."