JoJo Siwa Fires Back At Heckler In New York
Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

JoJo Siwa Stops Show And Fires Back At Heckler In New York: "Who The Living F—k Just Booed Me?"

JoJo Siwa is back in the headlines after unloading on a heckler. The singer was recently performing as part of Trixie Mattel's Solid Pink Disco Pride Tour on June 29. However, she ended up stopping the show when a heckler kept interrupting the show.

In a video on X, Siwa demanded to know who kept booing her. In a style that's quickly defining her, Siwa got crass and explosive, saying, "Who the living f—k just booed me? Where the f—k did that come from? Which one of you? Which one of you?" Fast-forwarding, the video then shows Siwa grabbing a homemade sign from one of the audience members. She shouted to the crowd, "Respectfully, f—k you."

For the performance, Siwa wore a bra and teddy bear heads. She ended up flashing the crowd the middle finger. Siwa picked up a bunch of flowers on stage and said, "F—k the booers, somebody just chucked a bra at me." During the performance, Siwa performed "Guilty Pleasure" with two background dancers dressed as teddy bears. The performance drew ridicule with one person writing, "I'm a different person after seeing two teddy bears hump Jojo Siwa."

JoJo Siwa Calls Out Heckler

Others also shared their thoughts, saying, "I'm genuinely scared of her." Another wrote, "Who in their right mind goes on stage and does that like it's so not it." Another wrote, "Sorry, but she has NO class or talent." Yet another wrote, "She's so lame."

Previously, Siwa revealed that she got punched in the face during her 21 birthday. "It's my 21st birthday, I'm drunk as f—k right now," Siwa said TikTok video."I got punched in the eye. It was really bad, but I'm OK," she added before jokingly mouthing to the camera, "I'm not OK."

She also used the stage to silence an internet troll during a previous pride event. She called out one of her haters. "There was a video of me performing, and some guy ... I stalked his page he was definitely straight," the singer said. "This guy commented, and this was a new comment for me; this s-t wasn't about the dance that I do, it wasn't about my hairline, it wasn't that I'm a [5-foot-9] giant toddler. It said, 'This man needs to be stopped.'"

"That's how I felt, until I realized two things," she said. "No. 1, my d-k is bigger than his, and No. 2, I've f-ked more girls than him."