JoJo Siwa Roasted After Debuting Winged Teddy Bear Tattoo
Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images

JoJo Siwa Roasted After Debuting Winged Teddy Bear Tattoo

Another day, another roasting session. It seems that JoJo Siwa can't do anything these days without drawing a certain amount of controversy and public ridicule. The Dance Moms star has been desperate to shed her child image, but the way she's gone about it has annoyed many.

Recently, Siwa announced that she got a tattoo. In fact, she shared that it's a tattoo of her upcoming album cover, inked on her arm. The image is of a winged teddy bear. The Instagram post read, "Our man @konstantin_tattoo tattooed the incredible @itsjojosiwa with this masterpiece! Her new album cover brought to life in ink??Thank you JOJO for Coming in to Costello Studio, can't wait to hear your new album!"

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The image featured Siwa smiling, but the comments said anything but. One person wrote, "Is she the first person of her generation to get a tattoo now?" They referenced comments that Siwa made about inventing gay pop. Those comments drew controversy and backlash.

Another wrote, "Im just confused as to how a teddy bear is gonna help her with her adult image." Yet another wrote, "She needs more people around her to tell her no."

Still another wrote, "How much are people going to support someone going on a spiral Downfall. Just remember Britney spears and Amanda Bynes."

JoJo Siwa Remains Controversial

However, she did have some fans. One person wrote, "IM DEAD LMAO LOOKS GREAT." Another commented, "Jojosiwa is Amazing and her tattoo is amazing."

Previously, Siwa drew backlash for allegedly chugging vodka during a Pride event. She also got graphic about confronting an online troll. The way she handled the situation opened her up to criticism from people online as well.

"There was a video of me performing, and some guy ... I stalked his page he was definitely straight," the singer said. "This guy commented, and this was a new comment for me; this s-t wasn't about the dance that I do, it wasn't about my hairline, it wasn't that I'm a [5-foot-9] giant toddler. It said, 'This man needs to be stopped.'"

"That's how I felt, until I realized two things," she said. "No. 1, my d-k is bigger than his, and No. 2, I've f-ked more girls than him."