H-E-B CEO Gives $5 Million to JJ Watt's Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

H-E-B CEO Charles Butt has been going above and beyond to help out the people of Texas when they need it most. In a real show of Texan hospitality, his latest act of kindness is personally donating a whopping $5 million to the JJ Watt hurricane relief fund.

With Texans still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Harvey and Florida about to be hit by Irma, the U.S. can use all of the help it can get to support its citizens. Luckily, organizations like the JJ Watt Foundation and H-E-B exist.

Butt's latest action was predated by H-E-B sending disaster relief convoys to Houston and the surrounding area. Now, his $5 million check will be helping provide much-needed supplies to thousands of displaced hurricane survivors as relief and rescue efforts persist.

On the overall, the JJ Watt Foundation has collectively received $21 million in donations. Butt's contribution is possibly the single largest personal donation made to the fund yet. Unbelievably, the JJ Watt fund initially had only a meager $100,000 in its possession to assist hurricane survivors. Now, they've become a major beacon of hope as donors on an international scale chip in.

It all began when Watt put out a call to raise funds on just last week. He made the first $100,000 donation on his own, and the money kept pouring in from there. Celebrities of all sorts have been teaming up with big name corporations to keep growing JJ Watts' fundraiser since.

Aside from Butt's major donation, other big donations include $1,000,000 from Ellen DeGeneres and Walmart. Drake and Miley tossed in an additional $700,000. Tennessee Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk threw another $1,000,000 into the donation jar.

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Following Butt's donation, the JJ Watt Foundation's fundraiser is currently $7,000,000 over its latest $20,000,000 goal. They're still taking donations and Watt is likely the raise the bar even higher as his call for help continues receiving the attention of big-time philanthropists.

Click here here if you would like to donate or learn more about JJ Watts' fundraiser.

Want to do more? Find out how you can help Texans affected by the hurricane.

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H-E-B CEO Gives $5 Million to JJ Watt's Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund