How You Can Help Texans Affected By Hurricane Harvey

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Anyone seeing the pictures coming out of the Texas Gulf Coast is bound to feel moved to help. After the storm hit Corpus Christi, Rockport and Port Aransas it moved up to Victoria. Then it stalled over Houston. It has left many people wondering where they can donate to Harvey victims.

The path of destruction left by Harvey is overwhelming, and for people watching it from home, it's natural to want to help. These days, however, it's important to be cautious of how you donate to disaster funds.

There's no guarantee that the random fundraiser you found on Facebook will actually go to help a displaced family and not simply line the pockets of unscrupulous tricksters. So here are a few reputable and verifiable charities where you can donate to Harvey victims and feel safe your money is being spent wisely.

The American Red Cross

After any disaster, the American Red Cross is probably the first place people go to make a donation. Country singer Chris Young has already pledged $100,000 of his own money to support the red cross, and dozens of other individuals and private companies have also pledged support. If you want to support the Red Cross and their efforts, you can even do it on your phone via text. Donate here.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides disaster relief services to victims of all kinds of catastrophes. They have already set up mobile kitchens across Southeast Texas to serve those affected by the hurricane. Donate here.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

This charity was established by Sylvester Turner, the Mayor of Houston, as part of the Greater Houston Community Foundation. Mayor Turner created the fund in response to an overwhelming request to help the Houston flood victims. Donate here.

Texas Diaper Bank

The Texas Diaper Bank fulfills the needs of disaster victims and Texans in need alike by ensuring that all parents have access to proper baby supplies. They also provide diapers for adults and special needs youths. Donate here.

The SPCA of Texas

The SPCA helps to find shelter and permanent homes for animals who were lost or abandoned. This service is especially important in disaster situations, and they are a managed intake shelter, which means they don't euthanize animals based on time limits or space issues. Donate here.


If you can't donate money, maybe you can donate space. Air BnB has created this special site where users can go to make places available free of charge to displaced hurricane victims.

Samaritan's Purse

The Samaritan's Purse is an international aid organization that responds to crises worldwide. They have set up a response team in Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey. Donate here.

The Houston Food Bank

Donating to the Houston Food Bank is a great way to directly help Houston victims of Hurricane Harvey. The magnitude of this disaster means that Houston's food bank alone is unlikely to be able to handle the load of people who have lost access to food and clean water. There are two more food banks listed below that serve the affected area. Donate here.

Food Bank of Corpus Christi

The hurricane made landfall just outside of Corpus Christi, so a donation to the Corpus Christi food bank will greatly help hurricane victims. You can donate to the Food Bank of Corpus Christi via Paypal.

Food Bank of the Golden Crescent

The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent is the main food bank in Victoria, Texas. After it made landfall, Harvey hit Victoria hard. The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent accepts donations by mail, over the phone or via pay pal. Donate here.

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How You Can Help Texans Affected By Hurricane Harvey