Jimmy Buffett's Former Camper Van Will Sell For More Than A Whopping $80,000
Photo By Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Jimmy Buffett's Former Camper Van Will Sell For More Than A Whopping $80,000

Jimmy Buffett was a legend with his own unique sound and styling. When legends eventually leave us, the remnants of their legacy remain. In this case, that means Buffett's 2004 Ford E-350. The BringATrailer website where an auction for the van is, as of this writing, still active tells us the changes the vehicle has undergone.

"The vehicle was converted to four-wheel drive and outfitted as a camper by Sportsmobile West under prior ownership. And it is powered by a 6.0-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel V8 linked with a five-speed automatic transmission and a dual-range transfer case," the auction page states.

"Features include an extended-height roof, an awning, roof-access ladders, 16? American Racing wheels. A kitchenette, sleeping surfaces, a fold-down entertainment screen, and an Alpine touchscreen head unit. This Sportsmobile has 69k miles and is offered with service records, spare parts, a clean Carfax report. And a clean Colorado title in the seller's name."

Can I parse through all of the technical jargon regarding the details of the vehicle? Nope. I'm a writer, not a car enthusiast. I'd say that $80,000 sounds like a steal for such a valuable find, but it's a 2004 vehicle. Plus, you know, it's a depreciating asset.

Jimmy Buffett's 2004 Ford Camper Is Up For Auction

Honestly, it might be worth it if you're a major Buffett fan! If you ask me, I've always thought the whole "Hey, come buy this deceased celebrity's former belongings" concept to be more than a little morbid. Realistically, they can't take it with them, sure. It would certainly weird me out, though. This is a less nefarious situation than the whole Elvis Bible debacle, but still.

For some reason, it always makes me think of Charles Manson. Do y'all remember when that woman allegedly wanted to marry Manson before he died so that she could have ownership of his body to display in a glass case? That happened!

But, hey, if you have the money to beat the competing $80,000 at the moment for Buffett's van, go for it! I'm not going to judge you. At least owning a camper is significantly less weird and creepy than wanting to own someone's body for profit, right?