'Jeopardy' Fans Are Really Fed Up With This Contestant
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'Jeopardy' Fans Are Really Fed Up With This Contestant

If there's one thing I love, it's "Pedestrian Controversy." Jeopardy has had many, many contestants throughout the show's long-tenured history. Few, however, have been as controversial as former Survivor contestant, Drew Basile. Basile eliminated fan-favorite choice, Adriana Harmeyer, to cement his future Tournament of Champions participation. Additionally, Basile is the kind of guy who claps for himself when he gets an answer right. Oh, and he's not too keen on shaking other people's hands.

But he did win six games in a row, and that's impressive! Basile ultimately came up short in his Survivor run. Now, formerly claiming he was one of the smartest people to ever compete on Survivor, Basile is likely hoping to be Jeopardy's ultimate champion.

And, boy, is the internet split. "Drew doesn't know what being a humble winner is. Instead he's an obnoxious winner," one Instagram user says.

"If Drew has a million fans I'm one of them. Drew has one fan it's me. If Drew has no fans, I'm dead," another user emphasized. Take a look at this video and see how you feel!

'Jeopardy's Most Controversial Contestant Has The Internet Split Down The Middle

"Loved Drew and all of his literary references on survivor. Not surprised he is doing so well. Haters gonna hate but only love from me!!!!" one side says. "I'm a regular viewer, but I'm done until Drew is gone. He's arrogant and full of himself. So unpleasant. Hopefully his run will be short and his defeat will be glorious," another side fires back.

Come on, y'all. You're all being gamed to high heaven! Basile is the quintessential reality TV show villain. He was a heel in Survivor, and he's brought that Chaotic Evil energy to Jeopardy.

It's genius, to be perfectly honest. Because guess what? People are going to tune into the Tournament of Champions either to watch him soar or crash and burn.

The villain gets what he wants as long as you engage with him. It's Storytelling 101. Basile has y'all right where he wants you! Me, I love a good villain! What good is any story without a great heel? Do your thing, Basile. Get those ratings up!