Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie XO May Name Her Pet Possums After Two Country Legends
(Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)

Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie XO May Name Her Pet Possums After Two Country Legends

When Jelly Roll is gone, Bunnie XO likes to play. The celeb recently entertained the idea of buying a pet possum behind her husband's back. That idea soon blossomed into double the trouble. Bunnie XO revealed she plans to get two possums, and she has some country royalty picked out for inspiration.

Bunnie XO says she wants to name the two possums after Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton. In a text message with her step-daughter Bailee, she dropped the two as name inspirations. Of course, Bailee was so shocked at the fact that Bunnie wanted to get possums that she overlooked the names.

Loretta and Dolly aren't set in stone. Bunnie says she's still workshopping what she would call the pair. She said, "Not set on the names yet but def leaning towards something like that." She also threw out the outlaw duo Thelma & Louise for good measure as well. Either set of names would be instantly iconic.

However, country fans seemed set on Dolly and Loretta. One person commented, "Yes to the names! That's absolute greatness." Another wrote, "Literally the BEST thing I've seen today. I love that you got your possums!!!!"

Still, another wrote, "I absolutely LOVE THIS DOLLY AND LORETTA." Well, you get the point.

Bunnie XO Plans to Get Possums

On Facebook, Bunnie XO has been vocal about her plans to purchase a possum. It's unknown if Jelly Roll looks at her posts. Otherwise, he may also been for a surprise. She originally wrote, "My husband is out of town for the weekend, and I'm wanting to get a possum. Rehab one or outright by a baby possum before he gets home. ? Where do I go for this lmao."

Unfortunately, she had to set back her possum plans by a few months. Bunnie XO did find a breeder, but the possums wouldn't be ready until the summer. Still, from the sounds of things, it sounds like she's serious about the pets.

She wrote, "Ok possum update ? I'm thinking about getting two girls so they have each other & have been talking to two places who just had babies. So I'm going to build them a luxury house to be in while we train them then after that, they'll have free roam of the house.
They won't be ready til end of April or May to come home to us! What should I name our new daughters."
When she's not on the hunt for new pets, Bunnie XO has been busy defending a middle school student.