Jason Aldean Breaks Silence About Brutal Injury That Sent Wife To The ER
Photo by Ayisha Collins/FilmMagic

Jason Aldean Breaks Silence About Brutal Injury That Sent Wife To The ER

Jason Aldean is opening up about his wife's recent trip to the ER. The singer's wife Brittany Aldean had to go to the hospital during a trip to Switzerland.

Brittany ended up breaking one of her fingers recently. Now, before you argue that a hand injury isn't brutal, listen to how Jason describes his wife's injury, and tell me you didn't wince. The breaking of bones is nothing to laugh at, and it sounds like a pretty painful injury.

Speaking with Taste of Country, Aldean opened up about what happened. He said that his wife ended up losing her balnce.

He said, "She was walking down some steep stairs one day, she had on these chunky boots, kinda combat boot things, and she kinda lost her balance and she went down the steps a little bit, but her finger — she was holding to the rail, and her finger just snapped back, and it broke her bone in that hand."

He then realized she was in pain, saying, "She just kinda bent over in pain, and she was just like, 'I'm scared, I'm scared, my pinky is dangling.'" Aldean went to get help, saying, "I was like, 'Yeah, I don't need to see that, let me go get somebody that might be able to help.' She knew immediately that she had messed it up pretty bad, but, ya know, luckily no surgery or anything like that. Just a little cast for a month and she should be good."

Jason Aldean Describes Injury

Previously, Brittany Aldean took to social media to describe her injury. She revealed that she ended up breaking her hand while on vacation. So she needed a cast while vacationing.  "You probably are wondering how I ended up here. I broke my hand in Switzerland," she said with a sarcastic 'cheers!'

She further explained what happened on her end.

"A couple of days ago we were in Switzerland, it was like 11 at night, super later," Brittany Aldean recalls. "We were taking this funicular up, which is basically this little train that takes you up the mountain. It was taking us to our hotel. My body weight went forward and fell like down the stairs, and then my hand stayed."

Doctors told Jason Aldean's wife that she broke something in her palm.