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5 Top-Rated Inflatable Pools for Kids, Families and More

Escaping the heat by taking a dip in a cool swimming pool is definitely one of the best summer activities you can ask for. Perfect for adults and children alike, spending time in the pool will keep you occupied for hours on end. If you don't have a pool in your yard or access to one nearby, no need to worry! There are so many affordable inflatable pools out there these days that are easy to blow up in your yard and then safely store for later use.

Here are some of the highest-rated inflatable swimming pools you can find, all at reasonable price points. All you need is an electric pump and you'll have a relaxing pool in your own backyard in no time.

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Best Inflatable Pools

1. Intex Family Swimming Pool with Filter Pump

This above-ground pool is 15 feet wide, making it perfect to fit the whole family. Maybe the best part? The filter pump and filter cartridge are both included so you'll have sparkling clean water all summer long. No wonder it's a bestseller! Not to mention it's an easy setup so you should be ready to climb in after just 10 minutes.

2. Lava Lagoon Inflatable Play Center

Is this the ultimate inflatable kiddie pool or what? Move over baby pools of the past, because this play center will keep your kids occupied all day long. Not only does it come with its own pool toys, but a sprayer attaches to your garden hose (similar effect to your sprinkler) and there's a detachable water slide. Perfect for kiddos age 2+, this blow-up pool will become your new best friend.

3. Family Full-Sized Swimming Pool

This family lounge pool holds up to 2 adults and 3-5 kids making it an ideal backyard pool to keep you cool all summer long. It also comes with triple-decked air chambers to make sure no air or water leaks ruin your good time. Also, it takes up minimal space once it's deflated!

4. Summer Waves Inflatable Truck Bed Pool

Maybe you don't want to set up an actual above-ground swimming pool in your yard. But you can have your own little pool party in the bed of your truck! Perfect for those with limited space, this pool also offers an incredibly fast setup. Just inflate in your truck and fill it with water and you have a pool! Also, no need to worry about potentially getting your pool caught on something on the truck. This pool is made with durable, puncture-resistant materials so it should last you for years to come.

5. Inflatable Deluxe Comfort Family Pool

This family inflatable pool has backrests making it one of the best inflatable pools out there if you're wanting to relax in the sun. Unwind with a book and pull up your outdoor umbrella for some pool cover and you won't ever want to come inside.

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