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Roller Skates for Kids Will Keep Your Little Ones Skating Through Summer


Like a lot of 90s trends, roller sports have been on a big comeback. Instagram is full of Gen-X influencers dancing around on Chicago skates, but we Millennials remember the good ol' days of strapping on some knee pads and hitting the asphalt with our inline blades. Re-live your youth and teach your youngins' about some real outdoor fun with a pair of roller skates for kids.

Kids have endless energy, and the best way to get it out of them is with good exercise. What could be more fun for them than rolling around with a smooth ride strapped to their feet? Teach your kids the joy of rollerblading with one of these cool pairs.

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Best Roller Skates for Kids

1. 2PM SPORTS Cytia Pink Girls Illuminating Inline Skates with Adjustable Light up Wheels, Fun Flashing Beginner Skates Kids Roller Skates

With over 2,400 reviews, these are some of the best kid's rollerblades for your little one to start out with. The heel cup is made with high-quality polyurethane, and the ABEC bearings deliver a comfortable ride for inline skating.


With full light-up wheels, your kid may end up dreaming of a future in the rink as a roller derby girl. Adjustable sizing fits four different shoe sizes!

2. Kids Adjustable Inline Skates Scale Sports Sizes Safe Durable Outdoor Featuring Illuminating Front Wheels

An aluminum frame separates the Scale Sports inline roller skates from the competition by offering premium ankle support. They are highly adjustable to fit a variety of shoe sizes, which means you won't have to replace them as your skater grows.

Reviewers are raving about how great of a beginner set these roller skates for kids are. The children's roller skates come in a variety of colors too. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use!

3. Bladerunner by Rollerblade Phoenix Adjustable Fitness Inline Skate, Black and Green, Junior, Value Performance Inline Skates

Adjustable roller skates can sometimes be too high up the ankle to be comfortable. Bladerunners are well known for their comfort and stability, all thanks to the lower profile they offer. The lower cut makes them a great pair of speed skates or hockey skates.


If your kid doesn't like velcro closure systems, consider checking out the company's other rollerblade Microblade style, which comes with lacing instead of straps. Bladerunner also offers unisex styles.

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4. K2 Skate Youth Raider Adjustable Inline Skates

The K2s are another lace-up style of outdoor roller skates that customers love. One reviewer has the history to prove it:

"I have had K2 skates for over 20 years and they are my favorite brand. Now that I have children, they need quality skates as well. These youth skates are every bit as good as my adult K2's. I love that they don't skimp on quality for kids. As a side note, my son has wide feet and these are comfortable and not restrictive."


5. Adjustable Kids Inline Skates, Perfect First Skates for Boys and Girls with All Illuminating Wheels, Youth Children's Indoor&Outdoor Ice Skating Equipment.

The Szulight blades are a great beginner set of skates that come in this cool unicorn color and several others. An adjustable button set into the frame allows you to change the height and angle of these rollerblades to make sure your kid is comfy and off to a good start!

As you're shopping Amazon for Rollerblades for kids, be sure to keep them safe with some protective gear like wrist guards and elbow pads. They'll come in handy for outside and the roller rink.

Roller skating is back, y'all! Be sure also to visit Amazon for Disney-themed toddler roller skates.

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