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Is IHOP Open on Christmas? Here Are Their 2023 Holiday Hours

Don't want to cook on Christmas? No problem!

Indulging in a stack of fluffy pancakes during the holiday season is a delight in and of itself. But the burning question is, will IHOP be open on Christmas Day? What are IHOP's Christmas hours? Or do you need to channel your inner chef for that pancake fix?

When the thought of whipping up a holiday breakfast feels a bit too much, IHOP emerges as a welcoming haven. Imagine your home decked out in festive lights, the Christmas tree radiating its holiday charm, and stockings hanging by the mantel—all set for Christmas. The last thing you want is a messy kitchen. Bid farewell to that notion.

For many, IHOP isn't just a breakfast joint; it's a tradition, thanks to its 24-hour operation. Day or night, you can head there for a satisfying feast of pancakes, waffles, eggs, and more. After a late Christmas Eve, the allure of skipping the kitchen chaos and sliding into an IHOP booth, with the scent of freshly flipped pancakes in the air, seems much more enjoyable. And definitely simpler.

While other restaurants will be open on Christmas, like Starbucks and McDonald's, what about IHOP? Scroll through to uncover whether IHOP will be keeping its doors open on Christmas Day.

Is IHOP Open on Christmas in 2023?

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Good news for anyone who loves pancakes: IHOP will be open on Christmas! The restaurant is typically open 24/7 year-round, so there's no day or time that it's closed. That means any time you want to go chow down on a pancake stack, you can do that. Of course, as with all the other restaurants that might be open on Christmas, you should call ahead to confirm that your specific location is open, and that the operating hours won't be any different. That's the surest way to know if you should stay home and make your own. And as usual, you can use the IHOP online restaurant locator tool to confirm as well.

What Are IHOP Hours on Christmas in 2023?

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IHOP tends to be open 24/7, so there usually isn't a detailed schedule the restaurant adheres to. However, there's always the remote chance that your local store might be subject to different hours on Christmas. To find out if that's the case, as mentioned earlier, you might want to call ahead. Otherwise, it's usually safe to assume that IHOP will remain open all day and night. That means you could potentially go have a fun family dinner there, even during Christmas, if you don't want to cook!

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