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Ree Drummond's Ice Cream Shop is a Sweets Lover's Paradise

When it comes to food, I would trust Ree Drummond with anything, from comfort food to party snacks to sweets. When I found out that she has an ice cream shop, I knew that this must be a true haven of deliciousness, as the Pioneer Woman is an expert of all things indulgent and decadent.

Charlie's Sweet Shop

Ree Drummond's ice cream and sweets shop is called Charlie's Sweet Shop, and it's everything  you dream of when you picture the perfect sweet shop. Charlie's was opened in May 2019, in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and it specializes in sundaes and all the the frozen treats you can imagine. This popular shop is open Monday through Saturday, 11 am to 8 pm.

It's so good that Drummond herself can't keep away. "I admit it—I love sneaking in there on a Sunday afternoon for a scoop!" she says. Charlie's Sweet Shop is right across from the Pioneer Woman's shop and restaurant, The Mercantile, and beneath her pizza shop P-Town Pizza.

The origin of Charlie's is as sweet as its products. This iconic ice cream shop is named after Ree's basset hound, who passed away in 2017. The shop's logo shows Charlie's adorable face, with its impossibly long ears, along with the words "In memory of Charlie, the ultimate sweetheart." You can even buy t-shirts with the sweet logo to commemorate this beloved hound.

Choosing Flavors

The Pioneer Woman says that making the menu was the most fun part of designing an ice cream parlor and candy shop. "Our brainstorms could have lasted forever, but we finally had to just pick our favorites!" Drummond said about the decision-making process.

Drummond says that the owner of her all-time favorite candy shop, Fuzziwig's in Vail, Colorado, helped her out when it came to the candy aspect. He recommended that she sell a balance of fun, weird items and classic, crowd-pleasing candies like chocolate malt balls.

The Delectable Menu!

Her menu includes 16 flavors of ice cream from Tillamook Creamery. These premium ice cream flavors include classics like chocolate chip, mint, and vanilla ice cream, along with more adventurous flavors like huckleberry, coffee almond fudge, white chocolate raspberry, and buttered maple pancakes. Ree doesn't skimp on the scoop size, either, so come ready for a complete ice cream experience. "I just don't like average-sized scoops of ice cream," says Ree.

You can go for an ice cream cone or a cup, and if you're feeling really crazy, the chocolate-dipped, candy-coated cone is the way to go for those with a true sweet tooth. The waffle cones are also made in-house, and they're made to fit the giant scoops. Ree is passionate about her chocolate intake, saying "The chocolate has to be inside and out—that's what makes them so darn good!"

Sundaes Galore

If you're in the mood for something more creative and versatile, get a sundae or make your own. Charlie's has a few signature sundaes like "Road to the Ranch" with rocky road ice cream, Oreo, sprinkles and more and "Unicorn & Rainbows" featuring orange sherbet, strawberry ice cream, and tasty mix-ins. You can also get a hot fudge brownie sundae, choosing your favorite toppings. Chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, and brownie? Count me in.

When making your own sundae, choose between vanilla bean, chocolate, or any of the other amazing ice cream flavors. Then add in all the mix-ins you like, from cookie dough to peanut butter to graham cracker to marshmallows! There's also an amazing variety of candy at the ice cream shop, like taffy, gummies, chocolate covered pretzels, and lemon drops.

Why go to Ben & Jerry's when you can visit Ree Drummond's delicious and inviting ice cream shop? For the best ice cream in Oklahoma, take a trip down Kihekah Ave in Pawhuska and channel your inner Ree Drummond as you gorge yourself on delectable sweets!