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This Texas Ice Cream Shop Serves Up Crawfish Ice Cream and It's Wild

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream are so last season. Why settle for something simple when you could be eating some of the most unusual (and tasty) ice cream in Texas? One Houston ice cream shop is taking out all the stops and is churning up a very special ice cream in honor of crawfish season. Grab a spoon, and perhaps a seafood bib, and dig into this crawfish flavored ice cream.

Houston's Red Circle Ice Cream has always been known for their unconventional flavors and creative desserts. the ice cream shop always has a unique flavor up their sleeve, whether it be Hot Cheetos, Cap'n Crunch, spicy Texas chili, or bbq ice cream.

According to Food Beast, the ice cream really contains Cajun seasoning, garlic, butter, and real pieces of crawfish. The flavors are swirled in a batch of sweet ice cream and served up in cones or cups topped with sweet churros. 

The anchors at Fox 26 got a chance to try out the crawfish ice cream. Described as "crawfishy" and "a boiled crawfish but cold," the ice cream is meant to be fun and outrageous. "It's crawfish season so it was a no-brainer for us," Nickey Ngo from Red Circle explained during the segment. "If you live in Houston you know it's a big deal for us. So, we put our own spin on it."

Crawfish has always been a big deal in this Texas city. Depending on the winter weather in the Gulf of Mexico, crawfish season usually runs from mid-January to early July with the peak months being March, April, and May. The freshwater crustaceans are most popularly cooked in large boils.

The ice cream shop originally planned on serving the flavor for one weekend, however, due to popularity Red Circle plans on serving it up a little longer. 

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