This Thanksgiving Turkey is Covered in Flamin' Hot Cheetos

We're proud to be Americans. Well, I guess we should amend that Constitution-style. We're usually proud to be Americans. Every now and again, though, we read a cringe-worthy headline specific to our great nation. Whether it's Politician A performing some heinous act or Celebrity B getting caught up in some lewd activity, not everything that happens here is inherently good. With that in mind, we're usually pretty proud of our traditional cuisine, especially when it comes to the Thanksgiving dinner. At this very moment, though, we're confused. There is a Flamin' Hot Cheetos Thanksgiving turkey recipe, and we don't know how to feel about it.

How to Make Your Own Flamin' Hot Cheetos Turkey

Part of us wants to celebrate the innovation behind this unique dish that, of course, could only come from America. The larger part of us wants to hide our heads in shame knowing someone could possibly bring this to Friendsgiving. The recipe is fairly simple and involves pulverizing some Flamin' Hot Cheetos in order to crust an oil-brushed turkey.

With that in mind, Flamin' Hot Cheetos isn't the only crushed chips turkey option you'll have this Thanksgiving. Reynolds Wrap also suggests ranch-flavored and onion-flavored turkeys. Cool Ranch Doritos would be a good inclusion for the former recipe; can you imagine a Cool Ranch Doritos turkey? Funyuns may be the best option for the latter.

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Break the chips or hot puffed cheese sticks down in a food processor, or you can use a rolling pin to crunch the chips in a bag. This Cheetos turkey recipe is certainly a twist on the classic Thanksgiving table bird. However, why just use your favorite chips for a spicy snack when you can make these flavor blasted turkeys?

Regardless of which recipe you choose to make, you're likely to inspire some smiles and some questions. The Flamin' Hot Cheetos recipe requires that the coated bird be placed in an oven bag before going into the roasting pan; Reynolds suggests using a Reynolds Kitchens Oven Bag, believe it or not. Make sure to place the bird in a large roasting pan that is at least 2 inches deep. The opening of the bag should be facing out and should line up with the edges of the pan. Close the bag with the included nylon tie and cut 6 1/2 inch slits in the top.

The turkey is done when the internal temperature of the thickest part of the thigh reads 165°F.

Can you imagine the faces of your guests when you serve up a hot turkey? It would make quite the centerpiece among the mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and all of your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes.

We're not sure that we'll be trying this recipe this year. We do, however, look forward to a deep-fried turkey and some sweet potato casserole. If you convinced us to make a Flamin' Hot Cheetos turkey, we'd probably need to wash it down with plenty of light beer.

We haven't had any Cheetos variety in a while, but we figure beer can't make them taste worse.

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