Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton in 1923 streaming on Paramount+ 2022
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How to Watch New 'Yellowstone' Prequel Series '1923'

Yellowstone season 5 is heating up the Paramount Network yet again as creator Taylor Sheridan's modern western masterpiece brings back all of our favorite characters for more drama. While it was already impressive enough that Sheridan landed Oscar winner Kevin Costner to lead his series that has grown into the most popular show on cable, he didn't stop there. He expanded the Yellowstone universe with an origin story to explain how Costner's character, John Dutton's, ancestors first settled down on the Montana ranch he works so hard to protect.

The first chapter in the series came with prequel series 1883, starring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott. We saw just how hard the Dutton ancestors worked to travel across the country to Montana, and now we're picking up the story a few decades later in 1923. Starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as the latest Dutton family members to run the empire, Taylor Sheridan proves that fans will pretty much tune into anything involving Yellowstone. Here's everything to know about how and when to watch the highly anticipated new series.

What is 1923 about?

This is the latest Dutton family origin story following 1883. We pick up with Jacob and Cara Dutton who are currently running the Dutton ranch now that the family has settled down in Montana. Jacob is the brother of James Dutton, played by Tim McGraw in 1883. He and his wife Cara have raised James' two boys, John and Spencer, now grown adults. In addition to following the various family members around the ranch, we also get to see the Duttons face this interesting time in history — post-WWI America, the beginnings of Prohibition, the Montana depression, government-mandated Native American boarding schools and more.

When does 1923 premiere?

1923 will premiere exclusively on Paramount+ on Dec. 18. Prices for the Paramount Network's streaming platform start at $4.99/month. If you're an Amazon Prime Video user, there's also an option to subscribe as an add-on to your Amazon account which makes it really easy if you don't want to download another separate platform. Same price, same content.

Where is 1923 streaming?

Unlike Yellowstone (which is streaming only on Peacock), all 1923 episodes will be available for viewing on Paramount+. The first episode will air on Dec. 18, with the second following on Jan. 1, 2023. Subsequent episodes will be loaded on a weekly basis.

How many episodes will be in 1923?

The first season will include eight episodes, with an additional eight episodes following in season 2. At this point, this is the extent of what to expect in the story of 1923. It's predecessor, 1883, only included one standalone season to complete its story, though a spinoff centered around Black cowboy Bass Reeves is currently in the works.

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