How to Trim Your Christmas Tree Like an Interior Designer (According to Interior Designers)

10 takeaways to help you decorate this holiday season.

My favorite types of Christmas trees have a slight element of chaos. Like the string of half-broken disco balls I wrapped around my first self-purchased Noble Fir. Or the oversized Blue Spruce my fiancè and I had to hack the top off of just to fit it in through the door. To me, throwing any kind of intricate design out the window is part of the holiday fun—but that doesn't mean I don't grow green with envy over the stunning, professionally trimmed trees that fill my Pinterest feed. But how to decorate a Christmas tree like the pros? It's always seemed out of reach.

The color-coordinated ornaments, cheeky themes, and perfectly twinkling lights make my little haphazard tree look like a lopsided Charlie Brown special. But there's a very good reason I haven't attempted to up my decorating game: it's freakin' hard. Even harder than your Christmas mantel decor.

How do you know how many ornaments are too many? Or how to properly drape lights and tinsel so they look effortlessly glamorous instead of tacky and tangled? And is there a trick to getting your tree to look full all the way around, or do interior designers just have some innate talent for it?

Lucky for me (and you), I tapped a few top design minds to share their holiday decorating secrets. Here's how they say you should trim your Christmas tree.

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