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Hear Willie Nelson's Comforting New Song 'Something You Get Through'

Willie Nelson's 73rd studio album Last Man Standing drops on April 27, just days before the legendary singer's 85th birthday. Today, Nelson shared one more new track from the album, the measured, solacing  "Something You Get Through."

Like all the tracks on the album, the song was written by Nelson and producer Buddy Cannon. The gentle arrangement harkens back to the jazzy, Stardust-era Willie. Like the videos for "Last Man Standing" and "Me and You"the video for "Something You Get Through" features Nelson recording the song in the studio. Longtime band member Mickey Raphael is seen playing harmonica.

Like the album's title track, "Something You Get Through" references grief, loss and mortality.

"Life goes on and on and when it's gone it lives in someone new," Nelson sings. "It's not something you get over, it's something you get through."

It's an especially impactful sentiment from Nelson, who in recent years has had to say goodbye to some of his closest friends and musical partners.

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Just a couple weeks ago, Nelson teased the upbeat new song "She Made My Day."

The country legend won't be slowing down once he releases the new album. Starting in May, Nelson will head out on his Outlaw Music Festival Tour, a 17-date tour that will pair the Red Headed Stranger with some of country, rock and Americana's biggest names, including Neil Young, Van Morrison, Sturgill Simpson, Margo Price and Ryan Bingham.

'Something You Get Through' Lyrics:

When you lose the one you love
You think your world has ended
You think your world will be a waste of life
Without them in it

You feel there's no way to go on
And life is just a sad, sad song
But love is bigger than us all
The end is not the end at all

It's not something you get over
But it's something you get through
It's not ours to be taken
It's just a thing we get to do
Life goes on and on
And when it's gone
It lives in someone new
It's not something you get over
But it's something you get through

(Repeat chorus)

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