Me and You
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Hear Willie Nelson's Upbeat Ode to Friendship, 'Me and You'

Willie Nelson is gearing up to release his 73rd studio album, Last Man Standing. The country legend has already shared the album's title track and where "Last Man Standing" finds Nelson reminiscing about life, death and old pals, "Me and You" is about finding kinship in one friend in particular.

"The world has gone out of its mind except for me and you," Nelson sings, seemingly referencing the increasingly confusing times we're living in. He makes a nod to "sitting on the fence" and comments on his inability to relate to an old friend who "ain't got a lick of sense."

But the song also about the value of friendship and finding comfort and trust in another person. It's a sentiment we all need to hear.

The video gives an inside look into Nelson in the recording studio with producer Buddy Cannon. Accompanied by his legendary guitar, Trigger, and Mickey Raphael's harmonica, Nelson's signature sound comes through like an old friend

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In classic Willie fashion, the singer shows no sign of slowing down. He recently announced the lineup for his 2018 4th of July Picnic. He'll also hit the road this summer as headliner on the 2018 Outlaw Music Festival Tour.

'Me and You' Lyrics:

Turn the sound down on the TV
I just can't listen anymore
It's like I'm in some foreign country
That's I've never seen before
So I come down here to think about it
What in the hell are we gonna do?
After all is said and done
It's just me and you

It's just me and you
And we are definitely outnumbered
There's more of them than us
Just when you think you've made a new friend
They throw you under the bus
So it's just me and you
Yeah it's just me and you

I had a friend I used to talk to
We used to both sit on the fence
But anymore I can't relate to him
'Cause he ain't got a lick of sense
So now I just ask you the questions
But I'm the one I'm talking to
The world has gone out of its mind
Except for me and you

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