Hawk Tuah Girl May Be Getting Her Own Reality TV Series Soon
Photo By YouTube/Plan Bri Uncut

Hawk Tuah Girl May Be Getting Her Own Reality TV Series Soon

Folks, we're dangerously close to Hailey Welch, AKA Hawk Tuah Girl, hitting the Big Time status! Yes, yes, take the upcoming rumors with a grain of salt. But there's been so much commotion about it, it's hard to see how it wouldn't happen! Last time, Welch was maybe entertaining some hot Hollywood offers. This time? Seems like "Reality TV Star" could realistically be in the cards!

Per TMZ, Welch is within "striking distance of landing a TV deal." The publication's sources with direct ties to Hollywood's goings-on claim that there's growing interest in basing a reality TV show around the overnight sensation's life. Apparently, "big-name showrunners and producers are reaching out to people in Hailey's orbit to discuss what kind of show they can create."

They like how she's "relatable and humorous," too. Which is true! Guess that podcast appearance did nothing but bolster her Hollywood-based endeavors! While we'll have to wait and see if such prospects will materialize, we don't have to wait for the internet to offer its two cents!

"Good marketing and striking while the irons hot, can't fault her for working her 15 seconds into a future rather than trying to ride it out," one X (formerly known as Twitter) user says. I agree! Sure, you could argue "But she didn't even do anything to warrant her fame," but Hollywood is full of people whose "talents" may not pass in the creative arts but are perfectly fine to platform.

Hawk Tuah Girl Is In Line To Get Her Own Reality TV Show

Besides, say what you want about Welch's legitimacy, but the woman did the darn thing in capitalizing on her moment. She sold hats! She went on a podcast and showcased her personality! You can't argue with that kind of calculation.

I'd post more comments, but most are angry Welch is getting a spotlight. Y'all have seen the things Hollywood churns out. The Idol happened, man. If that show isn't enough to kill the "What about talent?!" argument, I don't know what is. We're on the crazy train, y'all. Just ride it out! Stop questioning it! Enjoy the memes!