'Hawk Tuah Girl' Breaks Silence After Disappearing From The Internet
Photo By YouTube/Plan Bri Uncut

'Hawk Tuah Girl' Breaks Silence After Disappearing From The Internet

Hawk Tuah is back, baby. Hailey Welch, at this point, needs no introduction. You've already seen the video. You already know about the hot Hawk Tuah hats. Let's just get to the good stuff, shall we?

Welch surprised the whole internet after taking a brief respite from her newfound internet fame. She appeared on a podcast, Plan Bri Uncut (incredible name, by the way), and discussed all the latest Hawk Tuah business! First, Welch talked about all the fake social media accounts that have popped up, pretending to be her. One real account featured Welch's merch where she's seen signing hats.

"It's not really my account. But the guy that I let do hats for me — he was kind enough to ask if he could sell them. ... I've known him for years. He's split all of what he's made off of it with me. He's went out of his way to be good to me."

Welch then confirmed that she'd deleted all her real social media accounts months before her internet virality. "I deleted all my social media, like, six months ago due to personal reasons. I never really got on it or anything like that." Well, that firmly debunks the rumors Welch specifically deleted all her accounts as a result of her infamy. She's apparently considering going back, though! Gotta capitalize on those brand/advertising deals!

Hailey Welch, 'Hawk Tuah Girl,' Finally Speaks After Breaking The Internet

There were also rumors that Welch was fired from her preschool teacher job because of the video. (Which was established to be a complete top-to-bottom fabrication.) Welch talked about her actual job!

"I worked in a spring factory. I'm not a school teacher. Or bartender." So, that closes the book on that! Apparently, there were rumors that Welch's father was a preacher. "My father is so far from a preacher, it's crazy." Oh, wow, look at that! More total falsehoods!

With the internet being the internet, the conversation pivoted to how people were desperately trying to "find" Welch online. Oh, and the totally not-unhinged offers she's received since becoming a megastar!

"The guy that does my hats, he got offered $600 three days ago for me to spit in a jar and sell it. That is revolting!"

Sadly, that's par the course for some folks online. Maybe our parents were right when they said we needed to go outside more.