Harry Styles performs with Shania Twain at Coachella
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7 Times Harry Styles Proved His Love of Country Music Runs Deep

Harry Styles rules the Billboard pop charts (and our hearts), but he's also been known for covering different genres — on and off the stage. The singer, who started off as part of the pop boy band One Direction, has a huge fan base and it's clear that he's inspired by all different types of music.

Believe it or not, Styles has sung with some pretty great country legends and he's even written for country artists! Back in 2017, Styles even stated that Shania Twain was one of his biggest inspirations in fashion and music. Harry loves Shania so much that he even brought her on stage for this year's Coachella.

Here are a few times Styles has dove into the country world.

Coachella With Shania Twain (2022)

Starting off hot, Styles surprised everyone in the crowd at Coachella by bringing none other than the country queen, Shania Twain. On April 16, the 28-year-old performed his first-ever headlining set, performing songs from his upcoming third album, Harry's House.

After singing a few of his original songs, such as "Adore You," "Golden" and "As it Was," the crowd went wild when they heard the iconic opening intro to Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" It was at that moment the crowd realized what was happening as Twain appeared on top of the staircase on the sage singing her iconic line: "Let's Go Girls!"

The country singer strutted down the stairs joining Styles for an epic performance of her hit. Following their performance, the duo went center stage and sat down as Twain grabbed a guitar.

Styles told the crowd, "Now I have to tell you, in the car with my mother as a child, this lady taught me to sing." He continued, "She also taught me that men are trash. But to you, for the memories you gave me with my mother, I will be forever grateful. This is very special for me!"

Saying she was happy to perform with him on stage, Twain responded, "I'm at a loss for words, I'm a bit starstruck ... when I was writing this song, you were just a kid, so it's kind of a dream and very surreal to be sitting right here, singing this song with you." They went on to perform Twain's "You're Still The One."

"Changes," Cam

Styles has also been known to write for other singers. The talented singer wrote for country star Cam, alongside Lori McKenna, Tyler Johnson and Tom Hull. "Changes" reflects on the life of several people living in rural America and was featured on Cam's 2020 album, The Otherside.

Speaking about working with Styles, Cam told Rolling Stone, "Tyler works with Harry on his albums, and I got to open up for Harry at the Ryman — I joke we're like musical neighbors. We're all connected enough. I heard [the demo] and was just like, "Oh, this ache to outgrow something that you don't want to outgrow!"

She continued, "It felt so good. I normally don't take outside songs, [but] knowing how hard Harry and Sam [Smith], too, work in their music to keep evolving and discovering themselves, I very much trust them enough to really be open to hearing a song."

"Still the One," With Kacey Musgraves

In 2018, Musgraves went on tour with Styles. While visiting Madison Square Garden the duo dueted Twain's 1998 hit "You're Still The One '' and it was glorious. You could really see the connection these two have and it was a great show, to say the least.

Musgraves had previously stated that going on tour with Styles was a "no-brainer." "I love the challenge of being put with an artist that you normally probably wouldn't think to put me with," she told the Sun-Sentinel. "I think it's a brilliant combination ... When I got asked to tour with Harry Styles, I was like, 'Yes, I can totally see this being so fun and making sense.'"

"Space Cowboy" With Kacey Musgraves

Partnering again with Musgraves, Styles surprised her fans during her Golden Hour tour in 2019. Styles joined Musgraves during her Bridgestone Ara show in Nashville, singing a beautiful duet of her hit, "Space Cowboy."

At the end of their performance Styles spoke about how he was grateful for the country singer's talent and was honored to call her a friend. He told the crowd, "As a peer, and someone I like to call a friend, it's always a pleasure, an honor to share the stage with this lady." He continued, "She's made a couple of my favorite albums, and it's an honor to be here tonight with all of you to say congratulations and round off this wonderful tour, and a wonderful year."

"Landslide," With Stevie Nicks

Of course, Nicks had to be included in this list because their friendship is so adorable! The bff's first met in 2015 after a Fleetwood Mac show in London when he actually brought her a birthday cake. But it wasn't until 2017 that they shared the stage, when Styles brought out Nicks and surprised his Los Angeles crowd. Together they performed "Leather and Lace, "Landslide" and "Two Ghosts."

In 2020, Harry spoke with NPR about the unique experience.

"When we first played together, it was at the Troubadour ... and it was an amazing moment, but my favorite was sound checking," Styles stated. "It's like four people in there and just us singing in the empty Troubadour. For me, that's a moment that I'm going to hold on to."

"The Chain"

Throughout his tour in 2017, Styles repeatedly kept paying homage to the Fleetwood Mac Singer, playing "The Chain" at some of his shows. He also covered the hit during his appearance on BBC Radio 1 in September 2017. Their bond was so special that Nicks even went on to call Styles her own son.

She told Rolling Stone, "When Harry came into our lives, I said, 'Oh my God, this is the son I never had.' So I adopted him. I love Harry, and I'm so happy Harry made a rock-and-roll record — he could have made a pop record and that would have been the easy way for him."

Their bond is so great that Styles even inducted Nicks into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame as a solo artist in 2019! The duo went on to perform Tom Petty's "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around."

"Girl Crush" (Little Big Town Cover)

Of course we had to include Styles' stunning cover of Little Big Town's "Girl Crush," written by Hillary Lindsey, Liz Rose and Lori Mckenna.

We're ready for the country album, Harry.