35 Halloween Cookie Recipes That Are So Good It's Scary

From fall flavors to delightfully ghoulish creations.

Oct. 31 tends to be lax in the homemade treat department. Most of us lean into the whole bagged candy situation and keep our baking sheets stored away until November. I mean, why go through all the trouble of whipping up a pumpkin cheesecake or apple butter pie when everyone is vying for Reese's anyway?

Homemade Halloween-themed cookies, that's why.

While those place-and-bake sugar cookies have their place — and that place is my stomach — store-bought dough can't compare to a creatively crafted cookie. If you're hosting a Halloween party, attending a costume gathering or just looking for something sweet to surprise the kiddos with while forcing them to rewatch Hocus Pocus for the thousandth time, we've rounded up the 35 best cookie recipes that'll have all of your guests screaming (in a good way) for seconds.

You don't have to have a background in culinary artistry to create these Pinterest-worthy desserts. Baking bloggers and confectioners have done the work for you by coming up with recipes that are both delicious and super easy. Outside of stocking up on your purple food coloring and edible eyes (it is Halloween, after all), these recipes require little more than some time, love and a healthy appetite for all things sugar.

Whether you want a traditional fall-flavored taste or a spooky design that will stand out on any dessert table, here are some cookie ideas that'll make your Halloween treats anything but ordinary.

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