Girl wearing ghost costume holding pumpkin bucket with candies, standing in a forest on Halloween.

10 Weird (And Kinda Creepy) Halloween Facts You Definitely Haven't Heard Before

Turns out spooky season is actually pretty spooky.

Halloween is the spookiest night of the year for good reason. Between the costumes covered in fake blood and the thriller movies that seem scarier every year, there's plenty of spooky imagery surrounding this holiday. But have you ever stopped amidst the pumpkin carving, costume planning, and candy hoarding to wonder just where this peculiar tradition came from?

The origins of Halloween can be traced back to an ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain (pronounced "SAH-win"). The celebration marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter—a period associated with death in many ancient cultures. The Celtic people believed that on the night of October 31, the boundary between the living and the dead would blur, and evil spirits would walk among the living world.

To protect themselves from these wandering (and not-so-friendly sounding) ghosties, the Celts would light massive bonfires and don creepy costumes—sound familiar?

Of course, the original Halloween participants were much more serious in their endeavors than the modern versions of spooky revelers. But many of the same strange (and downright creepy) traditions still remain. Below are ten facts about the origins of everyone's favorite holiday that you probably haven't heard before—and might not want to hear again.

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