Hallmark Monopoly

This Hallmark-Themed Monopoly Game Is Just As Magical As Their Holiday Films

If you're a Hallmark Channel fan (and who isn't) we've found the ultimate board game for the holiday season. What do you get if you combine a Monopoly game with the ultimate holiday network? You get one heck of a Hallmark-themed game that will entertain the entire family on all your game nights this winter. It's also the perfect gift for friends and family members that love all of the cheesy Christmas movies that Hallmark dishes out every season. It's also a fun keepsake you can pull out every year. 

Literally, every single detail in this seasonal board game has a Hallmark twist, but with all the thrills of the beloved board game. Even the collectible tokens and the design of the board just ooze with holiday fun. You won't be heading to the Boardwalk, instead, you'll visit places prone to showing up in a Hallmark Christmas movieChristmas tree farm, "Mistletoe Mountain," "Reindeer Ranch" and the "Tinsel Toy Shop" to name a few. There's even a "When Calls the Heart Railroad" and all transportation is in a horse-drawn carriage. There's no way this special edition board game won't make its way onto your wish list this year.

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Family cards and home cards will lead you around the board, and you'll feel just like you popped right out of a movie, stopping by one of the Inns or Bed & Breakfasts along Candy Cane Lane or Wreath Way or grabbing your ice skates to stop by the skating pond. Your pack of custom Hallmark Channel money marked with their trademark white dog will help you pay your way. Of all the themed Monopoly games we've seen, this new arrival is one of the most exciting. 

Find the Monopoly Hallmark Channel Board Game here and add a little bit of extra Christmas magic to your holiday season this year.

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