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Genius Grandma Cooks Grilled Cheese with an Iron

Hey, it's not the weirdest thing I've ever heard of! A very clever grandma on the Cyber-Seniors Corner on YouTube demonstrated how to cook grilled cheese with an iron, and it was honestly pretty impressive.

Shura, the grandma in question, began to prepare the meal much the same as you would making grilled cheese any other way. She got out two slices of bread, some cheddar cheese, and butter, and spread the butter on the pieces of bread as she let the iron preheat near some tin foil.

Then, she used the hot iron for grilling the buttered side of each piece of bread until the grilled cheese sandwich was nice and toasty, the bread was crispy, and the melted cheese was cooked to perfection. Voila! Easy grilled cheese, no griddle or cast-iron skillet required.

Can I Make Grilled Cheese with an Iron?

Most people should be able to manage to make this particular comfort food with an iron at home, as long as they're careful. You basically prepare it the same way you would cook a grilled cheese on your stovetop, you just cook it differently in the end.

When it comes to the cheese you put on grilled cheese, anything you prefer should work to make the sandwich via this method. Gruyere melts particularly well, and swiss or mozzarella could be contenders, too. As for the bread, I personally like to use a bread that makes it easy to tell when it's turned the perfect shade of golden brown; regular old white bread or something like sourdough bread work well for that purpose.

If it's your first time trying to make a grilled cheese with an iron, don't fret if it doesn't go perfectly with the first sandwich attempt. That just means you'll have to try again, and who would turn down a second delicious grilled cheese sandwich?

Let Shura be your guide to the perfect grilled cheese made with an iron and check out the video above.

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