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Want a Taste of Heaven? Here Are 5 Queso Recipes

Queso is a delicacy in the Southwest, though its less-spicy cousin, cheese dip is a classic no matter where you go. When you're craving something creamy and cheesy with a bit of kick, look no further than a good queso recipe that could rival your favorite Tex-Mex joint. While it should be noted that authentic white queso uses asadero cheese or chihuahua cheese, the Tex-Mex version uses monterey jack. For whenever you're craving that cheesy kick, we've rounded up the best queso recipes.

So grab your slow cooker, green chilies, tortilla chips, and let's get this show on the road. One tip for any type of cheese dip recipe: it's important to follow the directions closely and use the correct type of cheese. Different cheeses melt and behave differently under heat, so for the best results, it's best to seek out the best you can find. Now, here are the best queso recipes we could find from around the web.

1. Authentic White Queso


There's nothing like a classic queso blanco that you'd find in an authentic Mexican restaurants. A good, authentic queso dip will always use a white Mexican cheese cheese, like asadero cheese or chihuahua cheese. Tex-Mex versions tend to stick to monterey jack.

Just remember that when you're making a cheese dip to always use half-and-half or heavy cream. Milk doesn't combine with the cheese as easily, resulting in a gloopy mess. Find the white cheese dip recipe here.

2. No-Velveeta Slow Cooker Queso Dip


This recipe is as easy as getting your Crock-Pot down and set up on the counter. By nixing Velveeta, you're going for a real cheese here and that makes all the difference with queso recipes.

Calling for cheddar cheese, you can also sub in white American cheese or pepper jack in its place. Find the great recipe here.

3. Queso Fundido


Our Queso Fundido dip features chorizo and a combination of sharp cheddar cheese and monterey jack. To add some more kick to it, feel free to add green chiles or chili powder.

Serving with a pico de gallo on the side cuts through the richness of the cheese for a dip that's just as home on Super Bowl Sunday as it is for Labor Day. Find the recipe here.

4. Tex Mex Queso

This variation on classic queso uses only five ingredients, with cilantro being the extra sixth for topping. Want to add a little flair? Canned diced tomatoes is always a good call.

Sick of tortilla chips? Serve with a collection of vegetables, from red pepper to radish (seriously). Find the recipe here.

5. Loaded Cowboy Queso

This recipe is for everything but the kitchen sink, and it's easy to whip together to boot. It also includes a recipe for homemade taco tortilla chips, which are incredible.

Beer, sausage, and cheese come together over medium heat in this recipe that is so Instagram worthy, it'll be all over your feed come football Sunday. Make it like they do in Texas and add some green chili for heat. Find the recipe here.


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