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Screengrab via YouTube

These Tiny Food Videos are Oddly Fascinating

Most everyone knows Rachael Ray and Emeril, but you've never seen a cooking show like this. Meat sizzling in a pan and sautéing onions are common sights in the kitchen. This kitchen, however, is a little (pun intended) different. The tiny food is cooked in what looks like dollhouse dishes using intricate precision. The bizarre trend of cooking tiny food in a tiny kitchen started in Japan, but it caught on here in the U.S. back in 2016. Each video shows people making real, edible meals that are literally bite sized, and it's strangely entrancing. Check it out.

Tiny Cinnamon Rolls


Man, I'm hungry enough to eat a whole pan of tiny cinnamon rolls.

Tiny Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup


You know what this needs? A tiny mug of hot cocoa.

Tiny Tacos


These tacos are tiny-rific! They even fry their own taco shells! You know what would go perfectly with this? About a tablespoon of queso.

Tiny Donuts


Forget donut holes, tiny donuts is where its at. Was that a robin's egg? I wonder if there's enough left over for some tiny scrambled eggs with breakfast.

Tiny Lasagna


Remember this one when you host your next tiny dinner party. Everyone gets a thimble-full of red wine. Be sure to designate a tiny driver. Or a normal sized one, whatever.

Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos


If you think you've ever seen anything as cute as tiny hamsters eating tiny food before then you're wrong.

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