Golden Girls Airbnb

This 'Golden Girls' Themed Airbnb is Perfect For All Your Pals and Confidants

If you're a fan of the classic '80s sitcom Golden Girls, you should be packing your bags. (If you haven't seen the iconic show, go watch on your streaming service immediately). Get ready to take a trip to Ardmore, Oklahoma for the getaway spot you didn't know you needed. This guest house is every Golden Girls fan's dream come true and no, it's not a senior living facility, its the childhood property of one of the beloved show's lead stars. 

Rue McClanahan's (i.e. Blanche Devereaux from the show) childhood home has been turned into an Airbnb and it is full of fun elements from The Golden Girls that everyone will love. Current homeowner Lori Harrison, a local Oklahoma woman, and mastermind behind the new space, has been having a lot of fun with it as she pays homage to the show's characters with memorabilia in each room. It's not a replica of the show, but the theme is consistent throughout the home and extremely fun for fans to see, especially on a girl's getaway.

"I have been surprised, honestly, how much interest there has been," Harrison told KXII. "I think it has to do with something way greater than the Golden Girls but it's been very exciting to watch it unfold."

The former property of Rue McClanahan's family will allow guests to stay in "Rose's Room", "Sophia's Suite," and "Blanche's Boudoir." The Golden Girl Guest House is getting a lot of attention, with hundreds of views on their Airbnb page each week. Even now, years after it ended, Golden Girls is still a classic show so it's no wonder people are so excited about this Oklahoma Airbnb.

The three-bedroom home can accommodate up to six, and there's already a steady stream of guests booking this fall. Check your calendar and add this Golden Girls themed Airbnb to your bucket list even if it's just a quick stop on your road trip. According to the listing, the house is located halfway between Dallas and Oklahoma City. 

This getaway spot is probably the next best thing behind a reboot (sadly all the rumors of the past year have been debunked). The only thing you'll have to worry about is calling dibs on your favorite character's room!

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