Shane Bevel

This Oklahoma 'Gathering Place' is the No. 1 New Attraction in America

Tulsa's Gathering Place in Oklahoma has been open less than a year and, according to USA Today, it's snagged the spot for number one best new attraction in the country. Over one million people have already come out to visit the adventure playground and that's probably because it has something for everyone. 

The Gathering Place came to fruition with $465 million in donations across 80 different donors (including the George Kaiser Family Foundation) and the results are incredible. The Vista at the Boathouse restaurant has some delicious options for the whole family including custom cocktails, freshly squeezed lemonade and the best selling burger. And all of the seats have an incredible view of the Arkansas River.

The activities are enough to keep the whole family occupied as well. Between the BMX Skate Park, outdoor concerts on the Great Lawn, basketball sports courts, a 5-acre play area with attractions for kids of all ages like the Chapman Adventure Playground and Fairyland Forest.

Executive Director of the park, Tony Moore, told News on 6 that the focus of the park is that everyone is welcome. From Tulsans to people around the country.

"It's a park for everyone.  Everyone is welcome regardless of age, race, social economic, zip codes, this is Tulsa's Park, this is Oklahoma's Park and now this is America's Park."

The newest addition to the riverfront park adds some fun on the water with paddle boats and kayaks on Peggy's Pond. The public park is completely free to visitors with the only fees being associated with dining, retail and renting sporting equipment. 

The Gathering Place is an American treasure in the heart of Tulsa and should be a must visit for all families in the area. Enjoy some time soaking up the sun outside in the beautiful park that inspires a message of togetherness and inclusiveness.

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