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The 5 Best Gifts For Active Yogis That Aren't Yoga Mats

If you have a yogi friend in your life, whether they're a yoga instructor or just enjoy regular yoga practice, it's natural to want to get them yoga gifts! Odds are they probably already have a yoga mat (or several) and a water bottle, so finding gift ideas that they'll still use might seem tough, especially with the variety of products out there. There are eco-friendly coffee mugs with namaste stamped on them, lotus flower meditation cushions, yoga wheels, gemstone bracelets, yoga socks, wine glasses, and a multitude of uncommon goods from retailers like Etsy, Lululemon, Manduka, Alo, Asana, and more. It's a wild world out there. Fortunately, this gift guide is full of great gifts for yoga lovers that are sure to excite them.

All of these yoga gifts from Amazon are super affordable and add a new dimension to their self-care routine. Giving the yoga lover in your life a thoughtful gift is a great way to show them that you care, plus, giving them something they don't already have (but definitely need) is what great gift-giving is all about.

Best Yoga Gifts From Amazon

1. ASAKUKI 500ml Premium, Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser is a great way to add some zen to their yoga class. Aromatherapy is an excellent tool for meditation and relaxation, and there's a whole variety of essential oils to choose from so they can choose their own scent. Whether they want eucalyptus to wake them up in the morning or lavender to help them sleep at night, they'll use this all the time.

2. Chakra & Luck Premium Seven Chakras Layered Candle

This chakra candle is the perfect gift to set a little ambiance during a meditation or yoga practice. While the yoga teacher in your life probably has countless pairs of yoga pants and leggings, they probably don't have a positive energy candle designed to help them with their mindfulness!

3. Yoga Dice

These yoga dice are perfect for any practicing yogi you know! If they don't have the time to get into a yoga studio, these yoga dice will help them come up with different yoga poses to practice their wellness from home (or anywhere). All they'll need is a yoga mat and these dice and they're all set for a yoga practice anywhere.

4. ASUTRA Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

Any yogi will tell you: yoga mats need to be cleaned, especially after a hot yoga class. Some cleaners are overly harsh on the special non-slip mats, which is why this yoga mat cleaner is perfect to use after any practice. This mat spray doesn't leave any slippery residue and is a great yoga gift idea for a beginner yogi or even someone who simply forgets to clean their mat at home!

5. ELENTURE Large Yoga Mat Bag

Carrying your yoga mat, yoga towel, yoga straps, and yoga blocks to the studio can be a little hectic sometimes, which is why this tote bag is the perfect gift for yoga lovers. It's designed to hold yoga mats and other equipment and has pockets for your phone, keys, and other small items.

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