6 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling

If you've got a trip coming up, whether it's for work or leisure, you might be a bit worried about how you're going to keep up your fitness habits while on the go. You're not going to have access to your gym or your kitchen, arguably two of the most essential elements of a health and fitness lifestyle. But that doesn't have to mean that you have to stop making progress towards your fitness goals while you're traveling. A little bit of planning beforehand can go a long way when it comes to staying on track while you're away.

How To Stay Fit While Traveling

1. Book Accommodation with a Kitchen

Try to book accommodation that includes access to a kitchen. It could be a hotel room with a kitchenette, an apartment on Airbnb, or even a hostel that has a shared kitchen. A kitchen gives you more control over what you eat. You can go to the store once at the beginning of your trip and stock up on healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, and eggs.

Of course, you can also take it a step further and prepare healthy meals like chicken and broccoli stir-fried in olive oil. But at the very least, having a kitchen means that you're not reliant upon delivery junk food when you get the late-night cravings.

2. Pack Healthy Snacks

We all know how difficult it can be to stick to a diet while on the road. Whether it's the airport or the gas station on a road trip, there's something about being on the go that correlates with greater consumption of junk food.

You can minimize that problem, at least to some extent, by packing as many healthy snacks as possible. All-natural peanut butter, dried fruits, nuts, and pasture-raised beef jerky are just a few examples of quick bites that will hold you over when you're in transit.

If you want a low-carb treat, Naked Nutrition's keto fat bombs come with healthy ingredients like oleic acid and MCT oil, and they're flavored naturally with cacao and sea salt.

3. Do Bodyweight Exercises in your Hotel

You don't need access to a gym to stay fit, especially if it's only a few days or a couple of weeks while you're traveling. There are plenty of bodyweight exercises, ones you can do in your hotel room or at the local park, to keep you busy for a week or two.

Here are some of the best bodyweight exercises you can essentially do anywhere. If you have access to a pull-up bar at a local park, that's great, but it's not an absolute necessity.

  • Push-ups
  • Planks
  • Side-planks
  • Hollow body hold
  • Dead bugs
  • Pike push-ups (shoulders)
  • Single leg Romanian deadlifts (use a backpack for weight)
  • Pistol squats (use progressions if you need to)
  • Burpees
  • Alternate lunges
  • Jump rope workouts (pack a jump rope)

If you're not sure what some of the exercises look like, a quick search on YouTube will bring you numerous results with high-quality instruction.

4. Join a local fitness class

For some people, doing burpees in a hotel room just doesn't cut it. Maybe they like the social aspect of going to the gym, or just find it hard to get motivated to workout at home.

If that sounds like you, consider joining a local fitness or yoga class. Almost anywhere in the world, you'll find classes like yoga or Zumba in your area.

Finish up your workout with Naked Whey Grass-Fed Protein Powder. Grass-Fed protein is used to build lean muscle and aid recovery, making it a great after-class supplement.

5. Check-in with a friend

Accountability can go a long way when it comes to staying on track with your fitness goals. If you're traveling with others who are also fitness-minded, then you can motivate each other to keep up with your workouts.

6. Walk Everywhere

Visiting somewhere that you can get around by walking? Then walk! Not only will you see more of the area, you'll also get a little bit of exercise in as well.