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This Giant Foldable Chair Is Perfect for Outdoor Music Festivals

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Taking an outdoor folding chair  to an outdoor concert, festival, tailgating event, or picnic is a great idea. But if you're short, a regular camping chair might not be enough. Enter this tall camping folding chair. It's nearly three feet up from the ground, which means you'll have great visibility if you want to view everything from fireworks at a sports event or the lake while you're on the campsite.

This is not your typical portable camping chair. If you're a mom who hates bleachers at the kids' baseball games, or a dad who can't find a comfy camping chair, or a die-hard tailgater who needs a big sports chair, you can't go wrong with this oversized camping chair.


RMS Outdoors Extra Tall Folding Chair - Amazon, $129.99

The heavy-duty folding camp chair has a steel frame, making it the perfect seat for adults. We all know those $9 camping chairs don't last long. After a few tailgates or backpacking trips, your bottom is practically on the ground! You won't have that issue with a giant folding chair. One Amazon five-star reviewer wrote: "I bought this chair because I have a bad knee and can't get down into regular chairs. Took this chair to my son's football game. It was perfect height to see over the railing. I could have sold 100 of them for you. Lots of people stopped by and asked me where I got such a cool chair. Definitely worth the price!"

Of course, there are dual drink holders in the extra-large outdoor furniture chair. Bring those Route 44 Sonic drinks to the game with you! My favorite spec is the retractable footrest. You'll feel like a queen (or king) in your new chair. Also, be sure to bring the carrying case. Customers say the chair is a little heavy (15 pounds).

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Creative Outdoor Kingpin Folding Chair - Amazon, $129.99 

This giant chair has a weight capacity of 400 pounds and is equipped with plenty of beverage holders — the armrests have enough room for six drinks! It has UV- and water-resistant fabric and is made to fit more than one person, so this is the best option if you're not looking for height, but rather a fun chair for a group outing. It comes with its own carrying case, too.

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