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A $15 Giant Bubble Wand Will Add Huge Fun to Your Backyard This Summer

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There are a lot of different outdoor activities you can do to have fun with your kids this summer, but sometimes it's the simplest things that keep them (and us) entertained. In this case, that simple thing is an amazing giant bubble wand. Because who doesn't like turning regular old tap water into some serious summer fun?

Creating huge bubbles is a super great way to keep kids entertained. Littler ones are always so amazed at how a few cups of water can become a dish soap bubble, and older kiddos (and pets) will spend hours of fun chasing and popping the biggest bubbles they've ever seen. I don't know about you other adults, but I think blowing bubbles is more than just a kid's activity, it's fun for the whole family. Check out these kits for the ultimate summer activity you can do right in your backyard.

1. This Giant Bubble Wand to Make the Biggest Bubbles

WOWMAZING DIY Giant Bubble Wands Kit - Amazon, $14.95

WOWMAZING says that their two-handed dowel design has been used to set every one of the biggest bubble records for the last 30 years. I guess they see big bubbles as more than just great fun, and this US-based company's seriousness dedication to bigger bubbles obviously means your outdoor play is gonna be awesome. This giant bubble maker is lightweight and made from durable materials, so even the littlest kid can enjoy some sensory play. This kit comes with a bubble wand, two packets of bubble concentrate, and an instruction manual. You can even buy it with a unicorn or a space theme.

2. Extra Bubble Solution Is A Must-Have

Atlasonix Giant Bubble Mix - Amazon, $16.99

What good is a giant bubble wand without the right bubble mixture? Sure, you could spend all day playing chemist and mixing up a homemade bubble solution of glycerin and corn syrup, trying to measure the right amount of baking powder and corn starch. But why not get to playing with the giant wand sooner by setting up an easy DIY kids' craft?Just a few cups of water, and this pre-made bubble blend is ready to blow. Make sure you add this to the cart when you get the bubble wand, so you'll never run out of solution.

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3. Add in a Bubble Machine for Good Measure

Kidzlane Bubble Machine - Amazon, $25.99

Even the youngest kids should be able to have hours of fun, filled with great bubbles. The Kidzlane Bubble Machine may not be a giant bubble wand, but it is a toy that even a 3-year-old (and up) can use. It makes bigger bubbles, looks like a cute dolphin, and will be an excellent addition to outdoor playtime. We love that it makes 500 bubbles a minute  but runs whisper-quietly.

This piece was last updated in July 2021.

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