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Oreo Candy Canes Were Made for the Serious Cookie-Lover

Thank you, Oreo, for making Christmas candy interesting (or totally weird) again. Just when we thought we've hit the limit for bizarre candy cane variations, Oreo announced that they would be unveiling Cookies & Creme Candy Canes for the 2017 Christmas season. So these flavored candy canes may not be as bad as some others that we've experienced over the years such as bacon, wasabi, pickle, gravy, and Sriracha, but nevertheless, opinions are divided on the introduction of the latest Oreo product. 

Some folks are staunchly in the "yuck" category while others are actively ordering themselves a couple boxes of Oreo-flavored candy canes to get them through the season. As a unique combination of the classic peppermint treat and America's favorite cream-filled cookie, it's anyone's guess what these candy canes actually taste like.

It should be no surprise, however, that Oreo is making its first foray into Christmas candy cane market. Oreo cookies come out in new flavors seemingly every two months, and they make a perfect holiday treat. The original cookie flavor is supposed to be evident in this creme flavor of candy canes with the creamy taste of flavored Oreo cookies.

After all, this little black and white cookie has had a myriad of inventive collaborations over the last few years, including jelly doughnut Oreo, a mind-bending, meta cookies and crème Oreo, Swedish Fish Oreo, and blueberry pie Oreo. At this point, there is almost nothing they haven't tried.

Where Can You Get These Candy Canes?

If you're ready to try these candy canes out for yourself, the junk food scouters at the Instagram account Candy Hunting have declared that the Oreo candy cane has been spotted in some grocery stores. So keep you eyes open next time you're out shopping.

However, if you're not in the mood to wait until they appear at your local supermarket, they're also available at several retailers online for the holiday season. Check out several of the best deals available:

  •  Jet, $4.43 for 1 box of 12
  •  Walmart, $31.75 for 12 boxes of 12
  •  Amazon, $8.69 for 1 box of 12

If nothing else, it might be worth buying yourself a box just to try them out.

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