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Harry Connick Jr and Wife Jill Goodacre's Three Daughters Look Just Like Their Parents

Harry Connick Jr. and his wife Jill Goodacre have three beautiful daughters that are the spitting image of their parents. With the handsome actor/singer/songwriter as a father and former Victoria's Secret model Jill Goodacre as a mother, the girls were definitely blessed with good genes. Despite being a household name, Connick Jr and his wife decided to raise their children outside of California or New York, opting instead for a somewhat normal life split between Connecticut and his beloved hometown of New Orleans.

The three Connick girls are all grown up now and regularly attend red carpet events with their parents in addition to making appearances in the pics their famous dad throws up on social media. They even joined their parents for Connick Jr.'s big debut on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles in 2019.

It seems that Connick Jr is exactly the cool dad you'd imagine him to be. The Emmy and Grammy winner told People that he and his wife never went through a phase with their kids where they were embarrassed by their parents. They seem to really have a family life that people dream of.

"You constantly hear stories about kids who get embarrassed by their parents or daughters who get embarrassed by their dads ... and I'm not saying this to be cool, but we never really got into that. It was never really that, 'Can you drop me off a block away from school because I don't want to be seen with you?' It was never like that with us. We never had that, and I don't know why, but we've always had a unique relationship and it's been pretty great."

If you recall his movie with Renee Zellweger, New in Town, he played a single father who (hilariously) threatens to pull out his shotgun when his teenage daughter starts dating. This couldn't be farther from how he actually is as a dad he explained on The Ellen Show back in 2015.

"I think that's such an antiquated way to talk about young women. It's almost presuming they don't have the good judgment to go out with a guy that's appropriate for them, so like dad has to come in and save the day. Man, the way I raised my daughters, and Jill, the way we raised our kids, hopefully, they will have enough self-esteem so that they'll be able to attract guys of a certain caliber."

Here's a closer look at Connick Jr.'s three lovely daughters.

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Georgia Tatum Connick

Eldest daughter Georgia Tatum Connick is a talented photographer who most recently got involved with her dad's latest album, Alone With My Faith. She even directed two of his new music videos as well as hosted a TV special with her dad, United We Sing: A Grammy Salute to the Unsung Heroes. When she's not behind a camera, she also models, just like her mom did.

Sarah Kate Connick

23 year-old Kate Connick went a different route and opted to study fashion. She briefly studied at Furman University in South Carolina before transferring out to a school in New York City where all the action is. She recently launched her own clothing line as well, Kate Connick Clothing.

Charlotte Connick

Charlotte Connick or "Charly" as her Instagram reads, is the youngest of the family. She is currently a student at SCAD, The Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.

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