George Strait Tickets Are Being Auctioned Off For A Small Fortune 
Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

George Strait Tickets Are Being Auctioned Off For A Small Fortune 

George Strait is coming to Texas to play College Station in June. If you haven't got tickets yet, you can buy a pair at auction, but it's going to cost you.

Texas A&M Coach GJ Kinne is holding a golf tournament. As part of the invitational, the college football coach is holding a silent auction online with some pretty sweet swag. A pair of Strait tickets are part of the auction, but the current bidding price is $2,000. That's $1,000 per ticket. While not necessarily life-changing, $2,000 is still a large chunk of cash to spend on a concert.

Of course, to George Strait fans, the concert may be priceless. What's worse is the auction, at least to my knowledge, doesn't specify where the seats are located. Are we talking front row in the pit seats or seats that are farther away? Currently, you can still find seats on Ticketmaster, but getting a ticket to the June concert will become harder with each and every passing day.

What's more is the auction is still ongoing, so the price of those Strait tickets are likely to go up before it finally closes. Still, if you want the tickets, better break out your pocketbook.

George Strait Tickets Cost More Than a Patrick Mahomes Signed Helmet

What's more noticeable is that those George Strait tickets are one of the most expensive things up for auction. It's neck and neck with a First Responder Bowl Ring someone donated. That item has a slight lead of $2,200 at the time of writing.

But Strait tickets are easily outmatching both an NFL Helmet Signed by Dak Prescott, Micah Parsons & Mike McCarthy and an NFL Helmet Signed by Patrick Mahomes & Andy Reid. So it seems more people rather spend money on going to a George Strait concert than owning a piece of football memorabilia.

The same can be said about Becoming a Coach. The team is auctioning off the chance to coach a Spring Game alongside Kinne. However, so far, the bid for that is at $100. So it raises an important question, would you spend $2,000 on concert tickets? Taylor Swift tickets certainly went for a high price on resale. How often can you say you saw George Strait perform in Texas?

While Kid Rock may disagree with high concert ticket costs, people certainly pay them. Because seeing the King of Country play is mighty alluring.