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Lorie Liebig

Garth Brooks Wows Newly Engaged Texas Couple with Huge Surprise

If you love country music and plan on proposing to your significant other soon, you might want to find out where Garth Brooks is playing his next show. The country megastar once again proved how much he loves his fans by offering to pay for the honeymoon of a couple that got engaged during his concert.

The whole thing went down at a show in Oklahoma City, Okla. While performing "Unanswered Prayers," Brooks noticed a man in the crowd proposing. He soon stopped the show to get more info.

First, Brooks had to get the names of the couple (Chelsea and Drew) right. "It's not Kelsey, it's Chelsea," Brooks confirmed. Then he asked a pretty easy question. "Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?" Brooks implores. "Where? No idea? Well I tell you what, if you pick Hawaii, Ms. Yearwood and I will pay for it."

The crowd then erupts into cheers.

You can watch the video posted by a Garth Brooks fan at the show below.

A bit later in the set, Trisha Yearwood came out for her performances in the show. Brooks filled her in on what happened, pointing out the happy couple in the crowd (though he also noted Drew went to the bathroom). "Congratulations," she says.

Like any good husband would, Brooks then ran his offer to pay for their honeymoon by his wife. (Of course, it was a little after the fact). "You ok with that?" he asks. "Sure! Absolutely!" Yearwood responds. "But nobody else can get engaged tonight."

From giving away guitars to making the best prom nights ever, Brooks and Yearwood continually show love to their fans. His record-setting tour is easily country's biggest feel good event. But he recently proved you don't have to be at one to feel the love. Heck, you don't even have to be on Earth.

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