Garth Brooks

Girl Skips Prom to See Garth Brooks, Gets a Fun Surprise

For most teenagers, growing up a Garth Brooks fan proved difficult. Why? Because while they're getting to discover all this cool music, they don't get to see him live. At least not until he launched his massive comeback tour.

So when it came time to decide between seeing Garth Brooks live in concert or going to her prom, this teen knew she needed to make the right choice. After all, how often does brooks roll through Illinois?

During his concert on April 29, Kate brought a sign announcing that she planned on being late to the dance. Because, in her own words, Garth comes first. But she got all dressed up and ready, complete with a wrist corsage.

Brooks said he just had to meet the brave teen who ditched her friends for the show of a lifetime. And, much to her surprise, the night didn't end there.

On a recent session of "Inside Studio G," which is Brooks' name for basically live streaming with fans, Brooks revealed he won Kate over for a second show, too.

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After he learned she didn't have a date, Garth made her a no-brainer of an offer. He told Kate that if she goes to the prom "and it sucks," she's welcome to hang with them for the later show. Oh, and she could "come back and shoot the cannons and do stuff like that."

Uh, yeah, we'd hang out, too. Here's some video of the awesome fun Kate had shooting off the confetti cannon in her prom dress.

Brooks says he won't soon forget the experience. Because it's not every day you get to make somebody's entire high school years. Or who knows, if you're Garth Brooks, maybe it is.

Either way, good call Kate. The rest of those prom-goers have a night they may not remember, and you have one you'll never forget.

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