Garth Brooks Surprises NASA Astronauts With an Out of This World Performance

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Terrible pun ahead: It looks like Garth Brooks now has some friends in very high places. The country megastar stopped by NASA's Mission Control center in Houston recently to chat with some real live astronauts.

Brooks chatted with Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer, two residents currently orbiting earth in the International Space Station. "This is awesome," the wide-eyed Brooks said, according to KHOU. "This is very, very cool."

Brooks also told Whitson how much he admired her own personal record of the most days in space by a NASA astronaut. "Miss Peggy, you're a rock star," Brooks said. "You have a credentials list a mile long. Congratulations!"

You can actually watch the whole interaction. Brooks posted it to his "Inside Studio G" Facebook channel. "Station, this is Garth Brooks, how do you hear me?" he asks to astronauts.

For Fischer, the whole thing was particularly cool. He's a Garth Brooks super fan. Fischer shared some seriously nice words with Brooks, talking about how "The River" was his anthem for the last three decades. The kind words brought Brooks to tears.

It gets even better, though. Trisha Yearwood then shows up with Fischer's wife and daughter. "Good morning kiddo, good morning hotty pants," Fischer adorably says to his family. They hand the phone over to Brooks, and he says, "Give me two seconds; I'll be right back."

Then Yearwood steps in to ask about the food (of course). Brownies and mac and cheese isn't bad, according to Whitson. But they get a little old after a while she says. So Yearwood offers to make them whatever they want when they get back home.

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And then, the coolest part. Brooks busts out his guitar and begins playing "The River" with Yearwood. Fischer sings along, 249 miles above the earth. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Garth Brooks Surprises NASA Astronauts With an Out of This World Performance